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Teen Develops Biofuel Solution
Lauren Heartsill Dowdle | July 2, 2013
Photo via

Evie Sobczak, 16, developed a way to turn algae into biofuel. Photo via

In our June issue, we published an article on how to manage Generation Y employees. This generation can require a little extra attention and support, compared to older ones, as I’m sure many of you can attest.

However, one 16-year-old proved not every young person has the negative work qualities associated with this age group.

Evie Sobczak, a 16-year-old from St. Petersburg, Florida, engineered a new method of turning algae into biofuel, according to Her method, which does not require chemicals, includes a more efficient way to grow the organism, extract oil and then us it as biodiesel. Her discovery actually creates 20 percent more oil than current technologies.

Sobczak’s project, Algae to Oil via Photoautotropic Cultivation and Osmotic Sonication, won her first place at Intel’s International Science and Engineering Fair.

Only just hitting the legal driving age, this teen has shown great promise for the future and what we should expect from her age group.

Not every Gen Yer works to live, instead of living to work like older generation. Some are actually looking for ways to improve current technologies and methods.

So, instead of being worried about what’s to come with the upcoming youth take over, maybe we should be excited about the possibilities.

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