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Add Variety to Landscaping Playbook
Patty Vaughan | February 21, 2014
Photo: Urban Gardens

Photo: Urban Gardens

Creating a green getaway for a client could be creating a luscious landscape full of unique plants or a backyard oasis with tasteful water features.


Photo: Urban Gardens

However, landscapers could also create a modern twist on a botanical garden.

Thibault Faverie designed a modern take on a vertical botanical garden to create a modern green getaway for any client, according to Urban Gardens.

The vertical garden is made up of numerous individual planters.

Linen pocket “tiles” are draped over a wood frame, which provides enough space for plants to grow.

What may start as a simple frame with a few plants will soon develop into a lush environment for any green space.

Not every client will be chomping at the bit to get this structure in his or her backyard, but presenting options and opening the playbook can add variety to any landscape. 


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