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December 9, 2013 |

Contractor PainIf you suffer from chronic pain, landscaping isn’t the job for you. And forget construction or trucking, too, because they are all on the list as the 10 worst jobs for people with pain.

According to a story from, manufacturing, elementary school teacher, health care, retail, food industry and auto mechanic jobs also made the list as bad careers for chronic-pain sufferers.

And I’m sure you’re well aware of the aches that can come from hauling materials, bending over, resting on your knees and other daily jobsite tasks.

Instead of jumping ship on landscaping because of possible pains (if you don’t have chronic issues), you need to take care of yourself. Take breaks, limit physical activities, avoid over-exhaustion and remember you aren’t as young as you once were (it’s a realization we all have to come to).

On the bright side (for me), it looks like my job is a great one if I’m ever hurting: Editor/writer and self-employed contractor are two of the Top 10 best professions. So, I guess I can’t complain.

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