Scythe Robotics adopts new charging standard

Scythe M 52 Plaza On The Lake

Scythe Robotics has announced their adoption of the North American Charging Standard (NACS) charge port for M.52. This proactive move will integrate NACS capabilities into their all-electric, fully autonomous commercial mower as early as Q4 2024. 

NACS, also known as the “Tesla Charger” or SAE J3400, is becoming the standard in electric vehicle (EV) charging. Leading automotive companies including Ford, General Motors, and BMW have committed to transitioning to NACS by 2025. This move toward standardized charging infrastructure is crucial in facilitating mass EV adoption, streamlining user experiences with reliable and simple charging solutions.

By embracing NACS, Scythe M.52 sets a new precedent in the landscape industry that utilizes the same charging interface and infrastructure familiar to businesses and consumers. By eliminating proprietary connectors and technologies, this transition ensures lower charging costs, greater ease of use, and expanded access to charging facilities for landscape companies mowing with M.52.

"We are committed to providing our landscape customers with meaningful solutions that sit at the forefront of technological innovation," said Davis Foster, co-founder and chief engineer of Scythe. "With the US moving towards the adoption of NACS across the board, it's clear that this standardized charging solution will be the optimal and most convenient method for charging any EV or machine – including M.52 – for the foreseeable future. We are excited to extend these benefits to our customers."

The next generation of M.52, slated for production in late 2024, will integrate NACS components as they are made available for non-Tesla manufacturers. Existing generations of M.52 can be compatible with the new standards through a common NACS-to-J1772 connector. Looking forward, NACS holds the potential for future improvements and features like DC fast charging and automated billing with existing charger networks.

 "By incorporating NACS into the next generation of our machine, M.52 will potentially be the first non-Tesla vehicle to implement this new standard," explains Roger Dodrill, staff systems engineer at Scythe. "As pioneers in autonomous and electric outdoor power equipment, adopting this standardized solution is a critical step in our mission to electrify the industry. By providing the gold standard in charging capabilities, we aim to eliminate barriers to the adoption of electric equipment and enhance the overall user experience for our valued customers."

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