Green Industry Conference features Spanish sessions

Updated Jan 14, 2016

This year’s Green Industry Conference, organized by the Professional Landcare Network (PLANET), will include speakers and sessions in Spanish to meet the needs of the industry’s Hispanic leaders. The conference, which takes place Nov. 1-4 in Columbus, Ohio, will include five sessions conducted completely in Spanish.

Ed Correa of Terra Landscaping will lead the “Opportunities in the Green Industry for Hispanics” session to explain the green industry’s future, the careers and certifications available and the colleges and universities nationwide that offer education for these careers.

Elias Gonzalez of Pacific Landscape Management will present “Survive and Thrive as a Landscape Supervisor” to help participants understand the differences between Hispanic and American cultures and customs and how to use those differences to make their businesses more successful.

In the session “Understanding Business Decisions,” Feliza Guerro of Del Conte’s Landscaping Inc. will discuss how to bridge the gap between employers and employees to create a successful, thriving corporate culture. Employees will learn more about fundamental principles behind the most common business decisions made in the green industry and how to enhance their success within a company. Employers will learn techniques to explain their business decisions to help improve their operations and company culture.

Seth Dechtman of Marina Del Ray, California, will lead two sessions in Spanish. In “Confronting Conflict Head-On,” he will explain the most effective methods for handling difficult situations. In “Invisible Tools: Advanced Communication Skills for Managers,” Dechtman will discuss communication techniques and strategies to help participants become more effective leaders in their companies.

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