Indiana landscape professional wins Toro Dingo compact utility loader

Michael Martin, owner of M&M Lawncare in Evansville, Indiana, won a Toro Dingo TX413 utility loader and bucket attachment in this year’s annual giveaway, part of Toro’s recent campaign to promote Dingo.

Martin, one of several thousand entrants who received postcards in the mail and entered the drawing, says he thought the utility loader would be a valuable addition to his company’s fleet of equipment. “This is something that can possibly be a great benefit to us,” he says, ” and when you see an entry form come across your desk, you think ‘hey, why not.'”

Martin’s business has grown to provide irrigation design and installation, landscaping and snow removal to about 150 residential and commercial lawn customers. He already owns a Toro Dingo TX420 model loader and several attachments, which Martin says has been effective as a multipurpose tool.

“Those machines are so versatile,” Martin says. “We use it to move dirt and rock, and it actually helps us perform maintenance on some of our other lawn equipment.” The loader has been especially helpful with snow removal as well, he says.

The Dingo compact utility loaders are designed for a number of applications in the landscape business, including planting trees, hauling and handling materials, preparing seedbeds, building ponds, constructing decks and fences, demolishing structures and installing irrigation systems.

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