Companies collaborate on new truck line for green industry

John Deere, Isuzu and Supreme Corporation are working to promote a new line of trucks and zero-turn mowers developed for the landscaping industry. The companies worked together to create a line of vehicles that they say offers the quality, durability and convenience necessary in the landscaping business.

The Isuzu W-Series and General Motors N-Series John Deere Collection comprises three truck models that feature the John Deere green color and branding and are built on the Isuzu/General Motors N/W Series chassis.

The Vanscaper model offers a fully enclosed truck body with a fold-down rear ramp that allows contractors to drive lawnmowers and other equipment in and out of the truck easily.

The John Deere Stake Bodies provide space for hauling tools and supplies. They include a spring-lock tie-down system and bolted rack connectors that enable one person to remove the side rails for accessibility from any direction or to convert the truck into a flatbed for oversize loads.

The LandScaper, designed to enable contractors to haul large loads without compromising visibility and maneuverability for drivers, features a fold-down ramp to drive equipment on and off, as well as optional racks and a storage box for better organization.

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