Dixie Chopper truck wins championship pull

Dixie Chopper sees cause for celebration in two major championship wins this year – one for the Indianapolis Colts, for whom Dixie Chopper is the official lawnmower, at the Super Bowl, and one for the Dixie Chopper truck in the 4 by 4 Modified Truck Class at the World Championship Truck and Tractor Pull on Feb. 17.

Driver Jake Zaring maneuvered the Dixie Chopper pulling truck a distance of 234.14 feet, beating the competition by a fraction of an inch to win a share of the $200,000 in prize money awarded at the 39th annual championship pull, which was held during the 2007 National Farm Machinery Show.

“First the Indianapolis Colts win the Super Bowl, and then Jake and the Dixie Chopper Dodge win the Super Bowl of truck pulling,” says Jim Hilburn, crew chief for the event and national service manager for Dixie Chopper. “What a year.”

Dixie Chopper’s Dodge Dakota truck, built in only 51 days in spring of 2005, is powered by more than 1,300 horsepower and a Pro-Fab transmission and burns 7 gallons of alcohol fuel per run. Each door panel features blades of grass stenciled at the bottom, and the weight box at the front of the truck was designed to resemble the bottom of the 72-inch Dixie Chopper mowing deck.

With more than 1 million square feet of exhibit space, the National Farm Machinery Show is the world’s largest indoor farm show. More than 300,000 people attended the show, and 15,000 spectators watched the championship pull.

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