BASF Turf and Ornamentals publishes pest management guide

A guide to help nursery, greenhouse and turf management professionals with pest management is available free from BASF Turf and Ornamentals. Professionals can order the guide at

Dr. Toni Bucci, BASF Turf and Ornamentals business manager, says the guide reflects BASF’s commitment to helping turf and ornamentals professionals make informed decisions about what products fit their needs and offer the most effective solutions to a variety of pest management challenges. “This guide accomplishes that and helps growers yield better plants,” Bucci says.

The guide addresses fungicides, herbicides and insecticides, with information and charts from the Fungicide Resistance Action Committee, Weed Science Society of America and Insecticide Resistance Action Committee on the mode of action classifications for each product listed. These charts also show side-by-side overviews of primary target pests, chemical group, active ingredients, trade names, restricted entry interval and use sites for each product.

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