Tech-Terra Organics goes national

New Jersey-based distributor of natural plant care products Tech-Terra Organics has expanded its distribution nationally.

Tech-Terra president Barry Draycott, a 25-year veteran of the tree care industry, formed his company to provide natural organic products for his tree, landscape and lawn care customers. The company grew by distributing these products to other green industry professionals in New Jersey.

“Soil biology is an important factor in maintaining healthy plants. Research has shown that adding organic matter restores beneficial soil microbes that have been thrown out of balance by soil disruption and chemical applications,” Draycott says.

The products include natural, organic fertilizers, worm castings natural fertilizer, humic acid nutrient source, fish hydrolysate microbe nutrients, fish emulsion microbe nutrients, seaweed micronutrient source, vinegar-based weed killer, wetting agent and soil conditioner from yucca extract, garlic juice insect repellent and mycorrhizae beneficial root extension fungi.

According to Draycott, natural organics are viable alternatives to chemicals for many applications. He also says that they are safer and more effective than chemicals, and that natural organic materials cost the same or less than chemicals.

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