Horizon offers financing and tax benefits on Exmark equipment

Under the Economic Stimulus Act signed by President Bush on February 13, 2008, companies can save money on equipment purchases through the end of this year. Horizon is offering opportunities for companies to receive special financing as well as tax benefits for Exmark equipment purchases.

The Depreciation Bonus policy under the ESA allows a first-year depreciation of 50 percent of the purchase cost and increases the expensing limit to $250,000. Investing in equipment now means businesses can cut their 2008 tax bill, freeing up money in the near term.

It should also be noted that the more you depreciate now, the less you depreciate in the future. This means higher tax bills in coming years because of less deductions. However, this also means more tax savings now that can be invested in a company rather than watching the government hold that money.

The special financing offers offered by Horizon on Exmark equipment include delayed payments, low APR/fixed term offers, revolving charges and low introductory payments. Horizon has over 60 stores in the Western United States, Texas and Georgia.

For more information on the Depreciation Bonus policy, click here.

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