Bayer introduces free bait program

To aid in eliminating fire ants, Bayer Environmental Sciences is offering professionals a way to receive more bait for their money. For every 100 pounds of TopChoice insecticide purchased between now and December 31, lawn care operators can receive a free two-pound bottle of Maxforce FC Fire Ant Bait or Ceasefire Fire Ant Bait.

To receive their free bait, professionals can fill out a free bait coupon and return it to Bayer with an invoice showing proof of purchase for TopChoice. Bayer will then ship the free product directly to the lawn care operator.

Maxforce FC and Ceasefire include the active ingredient fipronil, a low-dose, easy-to-use granular bait. The products provide a delayed action kill, meaning when ants come in contact with the fipronil, they take it back to the mound, eliminating the whole colony. For use on residential and commercial properties, these products use less pesticide by featuring a lower dose of fipronil.

TopChoice is also a low-dose, granular insecticide that is used by spreading over lawns and beds like a fertilizer. This creates an exclusion zone for fire ants. TopChoice also binds to the soil to prevent new colonies from forming.

For more information on the free bait program, visit

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