OSHA introduces the $afety Pays Program

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration started the $afety Pays Program, an interactive system employers can use to estimate costs of occupational injuries and illnesses and the impact they have on a company’s profitability. Using a company’s profit margin, the average costs of an injury or illness and an indirect cost multiplier, the program can project a sales amount the company would need to generate to cover those costs.

The program works by:
· Offering choices from a set of Lost Work Day injuries and illnesses
· Prompting users for information to do the analysis
· Allowing users to input the actual loss figures or workers’ compensation costs
· Generating a report of the costs and the sales needed to cover those costs

For more information or to begin calculating estimates, visit www.osha.gov/dcsp/smallbusiness/safetypays/index.html.

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