Synthetic lube provides an estimated 1 percent in fuel savings

Kenworth and Peterbilt customers who use Class 5-8 models can begin receiving an estimated one percent fuel economy advantage by using a new synthetic axle lube made by Paccar, the owner of Kenworth and Peterbilt brands.

Both truck brands will introduce Cognis Emgard FE 75W-90, a full synthetic axle lube, into production at plants in Chillicothe, Ohio; Renton, Washington; Nashville, Tennessee; and Sainte Therese, Quebec, Canada. The new lube has advantages over conventional gear lubricants in the areas of operating performance, gear life, extended drain and all-season lubrication. The axle lube can also reduce maintenance and downtime for machines.

The new lubricant was tested by Paccar, and results show up to a 1 percent fuel economy improvement, which is equivalent to approximately $900 annually. (These figures are based on 120,000 miles, 6.0 miles per gallon baseline and $4.75 per gallon fuel cost.)

The synthetic axle lube is available from Kenworth and Peterbilt dealers.

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