Armada fungicide registered in California

A new fungicide produced by Bayer Environmental Science has been registered for use in California. Armada fungicide, which received federal registration in 2005, is specifically designed for use in lawn care and has been widely used by lawn care operators in other areas of the country.

Armada controls brown patch and dollar spot, two major lawn care diseases, as well as 12 other turf diseases, according to Scott Welge, fungicide business manager for Bayer. “Because Armada offers both preventive and curative disease control and provides control for 28 days, the product is a natural fit for lawn care operators, who may only visit a property once a month,” Welge says.

Armada also controls anthracnose, leaf spot, red thread, southern blight, summer patch and other turf diseases. It is registered for use by licensed, commercial lawn care operators on residential and commercial turf. The fungicide can be applied with backpack or tank sprayers, and it has compatibility for tank mixing with foliar fertilizers or insecticides.

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