Contech adds ReCon “Big Block” to wall product line

In an agreement with ReCon Retaining Wall Systems, Contech will become a national sales arm for ReCon, adding ReCon’s “Big Block” to its Contech Wall Solutions lineup of products.

Contech Wall Solutions, a product lineup with attractive and structurally sound walls for applications ranging from residential landscapes to more extreme land development projects, includes Keystone Retaining Walls, Bin Walls, Wire Walls, Vista DSM Walls and Big Block Walls. ReCon Retaining Wall Systems specializes in large block, pre-cast concrete retaining wall systems that support walls as high as 12 feet without geogrid reinforcement. ReCon’s walls systems also allow significantly taller walls to be built by incorporating geogrid, setback or tiers.

“We are very excited about the partnership between Contech ESS and ReCon Retaining Systems, Inc. because it expands an already extensive product lineup and solidifies our ability to fulfill any wall project need,” says Bill Dawson, president of Contech Earth Stabilization Solutions Inc.

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