Advan enters turf plant growth regulator market

Advan introduced two products that allowed them to enter the turf plant growth regulator market. Groom PGR manages turf growth, and Tide Paclo 2SC is an ornamental plant growth regulator to manage turfgrass and vegetation surrounding trees.

Groom PGR works to slow the growth of both warm and cool season turfgrasses, reducing the frequency of mowing and creating fewer grass clippings. It increases turf density, color and turf quality for residential and commercial properties, sports fields and sod farms.

Tide Paclo slows the vertical growth of turf within three to 10 days, which translates to a reduction in mowing times for a six- to eight-week period. Turf will become greener and denser for up to 12 weeks with the use of this product. Surrounding trees, Tide Paclo will reduce above ground vegetative growth when applied to soil at the base of trees using soil injection or a basil soil drench.

These two products add to Advan’s line of fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, a soil fumigant, plant nutrients and biopesticides.

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