Southern Living Plant Collection announces spring introductions

The Southern Living Plant Collection, which debuted during spring 2008, plans to introduce several new plants for spring 2009. Each plant has been through years of evaluations, trials and consumer research. The spring 2009 collection will include two shrubs, two bulbs and six annuals for the southern climate.

Shrubs: Yewtopia Plum Yew and Emerald Snow Loropetalum
Both new shrubs are drought resistant and heat tolerant. Yewtopia is a vase-shaped evergreen conifer preferring part shade or full sun. Emerald Snow has leathery, shiny green foliage with white fringe flowers that grows to four or five feet.

Bulbs: Pink Rain Lily and Dwarf Philippine Lily
The new lilies are colorful and abundant, uniquely suited for warm climates. Both varieties, together with the three introduced in fall 2008, require virtually no maintenance.

Annuals: Begonia Bonita Shea, Ruellia Rajin Cajun, Scaevola ‘Cajun Blue’ PP#16312, Setcreacea Blue Sue, Cuphea Plum Mist and Heliotrope Azure Skies
All six annuals were developed by Dr. Allan Armitage in trials at the University of Georgia. They are from the Athens Select plant collection. Each is heat and humidity tolerant.

Begonia Bonita is compact, mound-shaped and provides white to pink flowers over curled reddish green leaves. Rajin Cajun grows easily sporting vivid red flowers. It also has a low growth habit. ‘Cajun Blue’ is a compact annual that blooms earlier in comparison to other varieties.

Blue Sue has blue-tinged foliage with purple and pink flowers. Plum Mist is a free-flowering, low growing plant providing two-toned flowers in light and dark lavender. Azure Skies is very heat tolerant and low growing. It blooms light lavender flower clusters.

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