Clemson researchers develop EarthBottle

Researchers at Clemson University have developed an environmentally friendly bottle made almost entirely from plants. The EarthBottle contains natural fibers, which are combined with polylactic acid, a plastic-like substance made from corn. Inhibitory agents containing antioxidants and antimicrobial properties protect products stored in the bottles.

The EarthBottle is the idea of Danny Roberts, researcher and assistant vice president of Public Service and Agriculture, and David Gangemi, director of the Institute for Nutraceutical Research. Patents are pending for the product in the United States, European Union, China, Brazil and other countries.

The bottles are recyclable, biodegradable, petroleum-free and lighter than glass, weighing about 20 grams each. EarthBottles are also stronger than most other bottles on the market today. The materials used to make the new bottle may one day be used to replace plastic for automotive parts, agricultural and industrial fabrics and biomedical parts.

EarthBottles will first be used for nutraceutical products, followed by pharmaceutical, functional foods and body-care products. For more information visit

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