Field Guide: New products and gear for today’s landscaper

Reelcraft’s portable hose reel carts keep hoses organized
Reelcraft’s Series 30000 reels are mounted on a portable cart and designed for heavy-duty, low-pressure applications requiring long lengths of hose and large storage capacity. The reels feature all-bolted unitized construction with no welds to fatigue, full flow swivel and heavy gauge steel frame. The reels include an adjustable spool rotation drag that eliminates hose backlash. Packages of hose reel and carts are available in 12- or 18-inch widths.

Makita’s saws offer lighter weight, increased durability
Three new saws from Makita include highly durable magnesium components and a powerful 15 amp Makita-built industrial motor. All three models – the 5377MG hypoid saw and 5007 MG/5007MGA circular saws – balance weight, power and durability for long-term use. Magnesium construction allowed Makita to develop a more rigid tool platforms while shaving almost one pound from the 5007MG’s final weight and two pounds from the 5377MG’s weight. The saws also feature reinforced power cords and easily replaceable parts for lower repair costs.

Barreto introduces new grader rake
Barreto has produced a new grader rake to replace traditional aluminum rakes for leveling and preparing soil for seed or sod. The grader rake enables landscapers to move dirt and clear debris easily because they can keep their back and arms straight, using mainly leg strength to handle the machine. Eurathane tires help make it easy to maneuver. Applications include backfilling after trenching, spreading gravel when preparing sidewalks for pouring concrete or when preparing for pavers and finish grading.

Kubota B26 compact backhoe features more horsepower, enhanced performance
The B26 compact backhoe is part of Kubota’s Loader/Landscaper Utility Series. It features a refined compact body design, as well as enhanced operating performance maneuverability. The B26 offers increased horsepower, along with enhanced coating quality of the hydraulic cylinders and a muffler with spark arrestor, as well as improved versatility. It provides increased lift capacity for the three-point hitch, independent rear-PTO and a skid steer-type quick hitch and thumb bracket. Features include a right-side starter switch and accelerator lever, front and rear lights, easy battery access and plastic canopy.

Tanaka produces extended-reach grass trimmer/brush cutter
Designed primarily for professional landscapers who are 6 feet 5 inches or taller, the TBC-260PFL grass trimmer/brush cutter has a 71-inch drive shaft and is powered by Tanaka’s new 25 cc, 1.3-horsepower PureFire engine. The trimmer features a 7-millimeter, solid steel drive shaft, blade and attachment capabilities, a heavy-duty, padded front handle, a throttle lock and a 5-inch semiautomatic cutting head. Tanaka provides a one-year commercial warranty for the trimmer.

Push broom attachment quick, effective for wet or dry sweeping
The Bobcat whisker push broom attachment is designed to clean up dirt, light snow, leaves, material spills, standing water, wood chips, roofing gravel, iron/steel shavings, salt/sand and other debris 20 to 30 times faster than hand sweeping. Available in 72- and 90-inch widths, the whisker push broom attachment has mounting arms that enable it to attach quickly to roundback low profile and C/I buckets. The attachment is easy to clean with no moving parts, no flying debris and minimal dust.

Easy Lawn offers new series of hydroseeding units
Easy Lawn’s Contractor Series C60, C75 and C90 hydroseeders feature 35-horsepower twin-cylinder engines, 78 psi operating pressure and a mulch capacity of up to 400 pounds. The units are available on skids or as a trailer and include stainless steel tanks and options for electric or manual reels. Turret, flush tank and other options are also available.

New grinder offers multiple applications in one machine
Makino’s G5 grinder horizontal machining center enables you to grind, drill, bore and mill with a single machine, helping to eliminate errors caused by multiple setups, reduces fixture costs and simplifies the manufacturing process. A unique two-axis coolant nozzle allows the G5 to accommodate variations in wheel diameter and changes in cutting direction while maintaining appropriate cutting conditions. An NC-controlled, hydraulically powered feature redresses the wheel to maintain profile geometry on the cutting wheel.

Whitney Blake communication cords for variety of uses
Whitney Blake’s headset and handset assembly cords for communication applications are manufactured with a polyurethane jacket and may be customized with appropriate contacts and connectors for use with headsets, radiotelephone handsets and other communication equipment, such as vehicle intercom systems and tactical radio systems. The length and flexibility of the cords allow users a greater range of motion.

Corral herbicide controls a wide range of grassy weeds
Corral, a granular, pre-emergence herbicide from The Scotts Company, provides effective control of goosegrass, crabgrass and Poa annua, in addition to other annual grassy weeds. Corral also controls certain broadleaf weeds, including Prostrate Spurge. The herbicide offers the flexibility of use in rotation with OH2 and Rout.

JRCO zero-turn sprayer combines with mowers and spreaders for complete turf application
The JRCO zero-turn sprayer includes a three-section breakaway boom, spot spray gun and a high-capacity Udor diaphragm pump. A Briggs and Stratton 31/2-horsepower Industrial Plus engine provides power for lengthy spraying jobs. The 30-gallon sprayer attaches quickly to mowers with four clevis pins, and it can combine with the JRCO Electric Broadcast Spreader on zero-turn mowers for turf applications of different types of material types.

Skeet-R-Gone injection device provides effective mosquito control
Skeet-R-Gone, a concentrate injection device for underground sprinkler systems, enables you to spray yards quickly and easily to combat mosquitoes and other pests. The easy applications make Skeet-R-Gone a convenient tool to use before parties and other outdoor events.

Slime tire sealant prevents flats in trailer tires
Slime tire sealant prevents and repairs flat tires in tubeless tires caused by punctures up to / inch or 6 millimeters. The sealant features Fibro-Seal technology, a system of environmentally friendly fibers, binders, polymers and proprietary congealing agents. The sealant, which can seal multiple punctures at the same time, intertwines and clots to create a flexible, long-lasting plug. A Slime smart spare tire repair kit is available and includes a 16-ounce bottle of Slime tire sealant as well as a 12-volt 300 psi air compressor with tire pressure gauge. The package also includes a 2-inch air hose with quick-clip, 10-inch power cord with A/C adapter and valve core removal tool and filler tube.

GreenArmor system helps turf establishment, erosion control
The GreenArmor system from Profile Products offers a unique, economical way to protect against elevated levels of hydraulic lift and shear forces on slopes and in channels while encouraging fast turf establishment and long-term root reinforcement. GreenArmor combines Enkamat Turf Reinforcement Mat with Flexterra Flexible Growth Medium, holding 15 times its weight in water and doubling the turf establishment rates seen in common TRMs.

The Attachments Idea Book
Landscapers use a variety of attachments for doing everything from snow removal to jobsite cleanup, and regardless of how often they are used, every landscaper has a favorite attachment.
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