Field Guide: New products & gear for today’s landscaper

L-2 Line Layer efficient for underground installation
The small but durable design of the Line-Ward L-2 Line Layer creates a simple, efficient method for installation of underground lawn irrigation systems, as well as various types of wire and cable. Only 26 inches wide, the L-2 uses rubber tracks for flotation with minimum ground pressure and is powered by a 23-horsepower Tier II Kohler engine for installation speeds of up to 120 feet per minute. The machine’s low center of gravity and balanced weight provide maneuverability.

SunBrite provides options for all-weather outdoor television
The Model 3210HD from SunBrite TV has a 32-inch LCD HDTV screen with all-weather enclosure to protect internal components from rain, dirt, insects and scratches. Accessories include a universal, water-resistant remote control with lithium battery and a removable table stand. The TV’s dual airflow system keeps the unit cool and dry in temperatures up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit, and an internal thermostatically controlled heater protects the unit in temperatures as low as -24 degrees Fahrenheit. The watertight cable entry system with pass-through design keeps cables dry and easy to hook up.

Silt fence plow improves installation of silt fences
McCormick Equipment’s silt fence plow installs silt fence into different types of soil with minimal soil disturbance. Using the power unit to drive alongside the fabric after installation, the machine packs the fabric tightly into the ground, reducing undercutting and installing a tight, durable silt fence. The rear pivot design improves installation of J-hooks at the end of silt fence runs.

Boxer Mini-Skid flexible for range of applications
The 530X, the newest mini-skid steer from Boxer Equipment, is powered by a fuel-efficient, 30-horsepower Kohler Command Pro air-cooled gas engine. A two-pump, 3,000-psi, 14.5-gpm hydraulic system drives the auxiliary and propulsion systems, enabling it to pull full-size attachments such as a 36-inch auger or a 48-inch trencher. The machine’s integrated track system retracts from 43.5 inches fully extended to 35 inches. Modifications include increased tip capacity of 1,650 pounds and a higher dumping height of 60 inches.

Dithiopyr 40 WSB herbicide provides broad spectrum control
Quali-Pro’s Dithiopyr 40 WSB provides early post-emergence control of crabgrass, as well as pre-emergence control of more than 40 other broadleaf and grass weeds. Some weeds controlled for the entire season include crabgrass, goosegrass, foxtail, spurge and Poa annu. The herbicide is effective for applications in established lawns, golf courses, field-grown nurseries and landscape ornamentals. Dithiopyr 40 WSB, with its low-odor, water-soluble and non-staining formulation, can be tank-mixed with liquid fertilizers and other products for more application flexibility.

Paramount introduces new dual spreader carrier
Paramount Global Solutions’ new dual spreader carrier is an efficient way to transport spreaders while leaving the bed of your truck open for additional fertilizer and materials. The carrier fits a class 3 trailer hitch receiver, making it easy to unload the spreaders and reducing the risk of back injuries. The positioning of the carrier leaves both brake lights and the license plate exposed. The dual spreader carrier fits most commercial spreaders and comes with a three-year warranty.

Fe Chelate adds color to plants without staining other surfaces
Roots Fe Chelate, a water-soluble iron chelate from Novozymes Biologicals, works to improve plant color. An 18 percent concentration of fully chelated iron in a highly soluble form, Fe Chelate is a dry powder form of citrate-based chelate fertilizer available in 1.5-pound solupaks. The product does not harm or stain other surfaces, including concrete. Fe Chelate creates a quick, visible response without rapid growth, as well as long-lasting results. The product is tank-mix compatible and formulated for oil or foliar application.

ScreedGuidz create more precise screeding in uneven areas
Designed for screeding bedding sand along an existing slab, pool coping, step, wall caps or pave edge, ScreedGuidz from Pave Tech eliminates the need to set the outer set of pipes along a retaining wall. The adjustable screed board guides fit any commercial board, allowing for smooth transition from one paver thickness to another. ScreedGuidz help precisely screed sand to the height of the caps or concrete, compensating for slight height variations in these surfaces.

MCT lightweight attachment broom for mowers
The Model MCT lightweight attachment broom from MB Companies uses a 25-inch diameter brush broom with widths of 4 or 5 feet. The attachment is recommended for out-front mowers with mechanically driven mower decks with less than 25 horsepower. A hydraulic angle change pivot allows 30 degrees of articulation for the left and right side, and castor wheels follow the contour of the ground.

Turf renovator controls distribution for various seed sizes
The Woods Gill Super Turf Renovator seeds or re-seeds quickly and smoothes rough or thin foliage areas. Available in seeding widths of 48 inches, 60 inches and 72 inches, the renovator uses welded, heat-treated spikes for more reliability. The renovator attaches to Category 1 tractors with up to 65 horsepower and features two adjustable front rollers that can be angled up to 20 degrees for mild to aggressive soil agitation. A tapered seed box, and metered seed cups and adjustable flow rate provide controlled distribution of all different sizes of seed.

Dismiss turf herbicide label amendments approved
Dismiss turf herbicide, which provides post-emergent control of yellow nutsedge, purple nutsedge and green kyllinga, has received approval for label amendments and will be available in new packaging. Label amendments on the FMC herbicide include the addition of post-emergent control of goosegrass, shortened overseeding and reseeding intervals, shortened sod establishment interval, purple nutsedge application table, addition of St. Augustine grass and a caution that surfactants are not recommended. Dismiss will also be available in new two-ounce dosing containers in addition to its current product packaging.

Zero-turn mowers combine high horsepower and torque with fuel efficiency
Massey Ferguson’s ZT29 and ZT33 deliver 29 and 33 gross engine horsepower, respectively. Their three-cylinder, liquid-cooled diesel engines provide a combination of good torque characteristics and fuel efficiency to keep operating costs low. Two hydrostatic pumps and two hydrostatic motors with gear reductions at the drive axle improve the performance and life of the mowers.

Dimension 2EW controls broadleaf, grassy weeds with spray flexibility
Dimension 2EW specialty herbicide, a new sprayable version of Dimension herbicide from Dow AgroSciences, provides early post-emergence control of crabgrass, pre-emergence control of other grassy and broadleaf weeds and can be sprayed over the top of landscape ornamentals. The spray application offers flexibility for areas such as established lawns, landscape ornamentals, golf courses and commercial and residential properties. The water-based formulation, with active ingredient dithiopyr, is available in half-gallon, 21/2-gallon and 30-gallon containers. Each gallon contains 2 pounds of active ingredient and is low in odor.

Change blades safely and quickly
The Blademate, distributed by Oregon Cutting Systems Group, changes lawnmower blades on commercial walk-behind mowers quickly and safely. Made of 10-gauge steel, the wrench is a telescopic 1-inch bar with 15⁄16 impact sockets mounted on fixed socket adaptors. When attached to the mower deck top spindle nuts, the Blademate acts as a third arm, with the sockets holding the spindle nuts in place while the telescopic bar keeps the wrench from turning.

The Attachments Idea Book
Landscapers use a variety of attachments for doing everything from snow removal to jobsite cleanup, and regardless of how often they are used, every landscaper has a favorite attachment.
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