Field Guide – October 2007

Highland Stone Freestanding Wall introduced by Anchor Wall Systems
Anchor Wall Systems’ new Highland Stone Freestanding Wall is an easy, one-piece accessory to construct structural and decorative pillars. Its freestanding walls can be curved or straight, and are ideal for framing a paver patio or creating a sitting area. The wall is crafted with the same earthen colors as the Highland Stone retaining wall system. The Highland Stone Freestanding Wall is available in two heights and three different face lengths to allow for creative original works.

New software by Dynascape adds color
New Dynascape Color software lets landscape designers add professional colors, shadings and textures to their landscape design drawings. The software was developed to work as an add-on to Dynascape Design, a CAD-based landscape design software. Dynascape Color features multiple color palettes designed to complement one another regardless of how they are used. This feature allows landscape designers to create their own color swatches and make transparencies to show off details that would normally be hidden in drawings done by hand.

Pink Double Knockout carves out its own niche
The Pink Double Knockout, another in Novalis’ Knockout Rose Series, has hit the market. While similar to the Kockout with an affinity for humid climates and disease-resistant attributes, the rose doesn’t require dead-heading to continue blooming. It grows in the dry part of the summer, with full sun and moderate watering. The 4-foot-tall by 4-foot-wide rose combines well with perennials and Clematis.

Oasis is a next-generation water management control
Rain Master’s next-generation central irrigation water management control, Oasis, features visual positioning, imaging and mapping. VP mapping tools provide an easy way to locate infield controllers (DX2), weather stations or other devices using “zoom” features. Highlight any controller and launch programming screens, view alerts or use the integrated note pad.

Grass Act introduces universal valve box cover
Grass Act’s new universal 6-inch valve box cover, the Ground Topper, is designed to cover valve boxes for irrigation systems, septic systems, pools and homeowner water valve cutoffs. This product fits any new or old 6- to 7-inch valve box, which allows professionals to save valuable time trying to locate a valve box cover that fits. The Ground Topper is made from durable and weather-resistant polypropylene.

Land Pride introduces new utility vehicle
The 20 Series Treker utility vehicle proves efficient with a heavy-duty accessory bar, two- or four-wheel drive, a V-Twin air-cooled Honda engine, all-terrain or turf tires, rack and pinion steering, bench seating for three, a powered bed lift, 614cc displacement, dif-lock, speeds of up to 30 mph and an optional hard cab. The Treker is available in green, yellow, red or camouflage.

C-Series offers a wide range of applications and power
Caterpillar introduces four new skid-steer loaders in its C-Series, the 246C, 256C, 262C and 272C. The vertical lift 272C has an operating capacity of 3,250 pounds, while the smaller 262C has an operating capacity of 2,700 pounds. The 246C and 256C are radial lift machines that have an operating capacity of 2,150 pounds and 2,350 pounds respectively. All four models are powered by a Cat 3044C DIT turbocharged 3.3-liter engine.

Walk-behind mowers by Lawn-Boy are tough, durable
Landscapers looking for rugged durability and ease of use can find both in Lawn-Boy’s Commercial Series walk-behind mowers. Equipped with Honda or Briggs & Stratton engines and 21-inch aluminum mower decks, the commercial mowers yield powerful performance for increased productivity. The latest model in the series, the 22270, features durable steel wheels with ball bearings, a three-in-one cutting system, a hi-vac easy lift bag with a large opening, a 1-inch diameter one piece operator’s handle with reinforced mounting and a front lift handle.

Blue Star Creeper available this year
Stepables’ No. 1 selling plant, the Blue Star Creeper, is a creeping dark green-and-blue perennial. It acts as a lawn substitute, and is excellent between stepping-stones, under roses, and around ponds and decks. The Blue Star Creeper performs best in normal soil with average moisture and grows close to the ground. The plant can bloom from spring to first frost, and can be evergreen in temperate climates or a protected area.

DeWitt’s Pro-5 weed barrier on the market
DeWitt’s Pro-5 weed barrier is a 5-ounce woven, needle-punched, polypropylene fabric designed for professional and commercial use. Pro-5 weed barrier has been approved by leading landscape architects and most government agencies.

Foam system protects plants in cold temperatures
Kennco Manufacturing has released their Frost-Off protective foam system for nurseries and landscapers to protect plants from cold temperatures. Developed specifically to work with American Ag Foam’s Jack-Frost chemical, this machine produces nontoxic, thick, dry insulating foam. Once applied, the foam protects plants for up to 36 hours.

Bring flat drawings to life with Visual Nature Studio 2
3-D Nature introduces Visual Nature Studio 2, landscape visualization software that adds textures and three-dimensional aspects to help show clients what you can do. Import your GIS or geospatial data and turn all numbers and obscure information into a photorealistic image or animation that anyone can understand. Show your client’s site as it is now, as it was in the past or as it will be in the future. Visual Nature Studio 2 provides tools to control visualization directly from your data, simplifying and automating the process. (Image courtesy of Nicklaus Design, LLC and James A. Zack of Xtra-
Spatial Productions, LLC.)

BioSafe Systems launches pond management program
BioSafe Systems’ GC Tablets help maintain a clean, beautiful pond. GC Tablets work through a powerful oxidation reaction and break down organic debris. Start by applying tablets to your pond early in the spring, and keep them on hand all season long as part of a preventive program.

Turf and ornamental insecticide approved in California
DuPont’s Provaunt insecticide for controlling caterpillars, fall armyworms, sod webworms, black cutworms and European crane flies, is now registered for use in California. Indoxacarb, the insecticide’s active ingredient, features a unique mode of action that leverages an insect’s own enzymes to the MetaActive compound. Since few insects have been exposed to Provaunt, there are no cross-resistance issues.

Low-maintenance fence saves time
The CourtYard aluminum fence by Digger comes in 13 models and nine colors. It features hidden picket fasteners and rail locks, so there are no screws involved in assembly. The fence’s custom-blended super durable polyester TGIC powder coating is AAMA 2604-02 compliant. It requires little maintenance and has a lifetime warranty.

Rayco’s C100 a great tool for forestry applications
Rayco’s new C100, featuring a 96-horsepower Kubota turbo-charged diesel engine and the ability to run at 39 gpm at 5,500 psi, helps meet the needs of any forestry application. In addition, the C100 includes a forestry-cooling package that keeps it from overheating in any temperature no matter how long it runs. A 16-inch steel track undercarriage offers traction and mobility, while the cab features heat and air conditioning.

GrubOut and DuoCide are a powerful pesticide team
Anderson’s GrubOut provides season-long grub control due to the active ingredient imidacloprid, the most widely used chemistry for season-long grub control. DuoCide multi-mode insect control provides a preventive and curative treatment to control a variety of common insect pests including fleas, fire ants, ticks, mole crickets and grubs. It combines two proven insecticides, carbaryl and bifenthrin, in a unique multi-mode formula that enhances the performance.

The Attachments Idea Book
Landscapers use a variety of attachments for doing everything from snow removal to jobsite cleanup, and regardless of how often they are used, every landscaper has a favorite attachment.
Attachments Idea Book Cover