Field Guide – November 2007

Ball Horticultural’s pansies are perfect for fall
Ball Horticultural offers pansies in a variety of sizes, including the large Matrix and XXL pansies, the medium-sized Panola series and the small Sorbet violas. The Matrix varieties build strong plants before blooming, so the large flowers are easily supported above the foliage to show off more than a dozen individual colors. The XXL pansies build plant mass in the heat of summer, which promotes better fall flowering. The Panola pansies perform well in all conditions. Matrix, XXL and Panola pansies grow eight inches tall and spread up to 10 inches, and Sorbet varieties grow six to eight inches tall and spread 10 inches.

Hook lift system makes any truck more versatile
The Ampliroll hook lift system is designed to maximize efficiency by letting landscapers buy fewer trucks while getting more out of them. It’s maneuverable up to 60 degrees and can be operated from inside the truck. It allows for any attachment to be hooked up the truck at safe, ground-level loading.

Versatile Blue Diamond dozer blade
Blue Diamond’s 22-inch-tall six-way dozer blade can be angled 30 degrees and tilted 10 degrees. The blade is offered in 5-, 6-, 7- and 8-foot widths. It has four heavy trip springs that are non-functional until two pins are removed, allowing the blade to be used for snow removal. An 8-inch extension is available to add height to the blade when used in snow.

Elegant slate paving stones with the durability of concrete
Nitterhouse concrete masonry slate paving stones provide the look and feel of natural slate with the strength and durability of concrete. The slate pavers come in a consistent 2-inch thickness and are available in six sizes up to 24 inches by 36 inches and four colors including mountain green, sierra tan, Appalachian gray and canyon red. Concrete masonry slate is ideal for patios, walkways, decks, sidewalks or plazas.

Mow like lightning over uneven terrain
Bad Boy’s 60-inch deck Lightning Z features a 32-horsepower big block Vanguard engine, a swing-away design and the company’s own EZ-ride suspension system. A swing-away design opens the entire operating system up for easy maintenance. The EZ-Ride system includes front and rear rubber compression shocks, so you can comfortably mow faster over uneven terrain for longer periods of time.

Trailer designed for smaller SUVs and mid-size trucks
Doolittle’s single axle 60-inch by 8-foot master dump trailer is designed for smaller SUVs and mid-size trucks. It has GVWR of 5,200 pounds. Several options are available.

Hydro-Rain’s low-flow irrigation combo
The HRZ 100 by Hydro-Rain is a low-flow irrigation zone valve, filter and regulator combination. The HRZ 100 handles water flow as low as .1 gpm and pressure up to 120 psi. The HRZ 100 is constructed of glass-filled nylon and fits in a 6-inch round valve box or four units in a standard rectangular valve box. Models include 20, 30 and 40 psi pressure regulation.

Tackle tough tasks with Farmtrac’s newest utility tractor
Farmtrac introduces the 8075 two-wheel-drive tractor, equipped with a four-cylinder 72.4-horsepower engine. It features a 12 forward and reverse speed synchroshuttle gearbox, automatic draft and position control hydraulics and wet multi-disc brakes. Other features include two sets of spool valves operated by a joystick, a rear differential lock, telescopic drawbar, adjustable stabilizer bars and a seven-pin trailer socket.

Compact excavator merges strength with maneuverability
The CX17B, from Case Construction Equipment, delivers 15.15 net horsepower and has a bucket breakout force of 3,417 pounds. The CX17B has a swing speed of 0-8.6 rpm, an arm force of 2,248 pounds and a lift capacity of 1,380 pounds. With hydraulic retractable tracks that allow the machine to pass through a 39-inch opening, the CX17B can be used in landscaping, utilities, demolition, construction or industrial applications.

Duckbill anchors are environmentally sensitive
The Duckbill anchor, a patented labor- and time-saving device by Earth Anchor, works like a toggle bolt in soil. The anchors are driven into the ground (with no holes, no digging and no concrete), providing a safe and environmentally sensitive installation. An upward pull on the anchor tendon rotates the Duckbill into a perpendicular “anchor lock” position in undisturbed soil.

Bigger means better for Bri-Mar HT824D trailer
With a 20-foot tilt deck and 4-foot stationary front, the HT824D is now Bri-Mar’s longest split deck, heavy-duty tilt trailer. With no ramps and enough room to store attachments, loading and unloading work or recreational vehicles is a snap.

Fully replaceable vibratory plow blade insert
The Edge is a patent-pending, fully replaceable vibratory plow blade insert system. Designed and manufactured by IMT Underground Products, the system includes serrated insert blades designed to cut through tough roots and hard ground conditions. The Edge insert fits a variety of vibratory plows and can be replaced for less than half the cost of a new blade.

Sno-Way plow redefines commercial grade
Sno-Way’s 32 Series snow plows are available in 8-foot 6-inch, 9-foot or 10-foot blade widths in either low-drag polycarbonate, powder-coated steel or durable stainless steel blade skins. Standard features include the direct linkage system, variable height drive-in mount and trip return Shock Killer system. Choose from either compact joystick or keypad controls.

Jungle Jim maximizes use of landscape trailer space
Jungle Jim’s trailer mate accommodates two backpack blowers, three trimmers, two mix gas cans, two regular gas cans and one air tank. Its divider rods ensure a tight fit, while an adjustable blower arm hook keeps nozzles snug and out of the way. It fits trailers ranging from five to seven feet wide and allows 26 inches in clearance for parking or storing equipment underneath to maximize floor space.

Mower’s design allows for optimal performance on slopes
Tilton Equipment’s Yard Shark commercial zero-turn mowers feature a low center of gravity design to provide better performance on slopes. Its unobstructed, low-profile fenders allow close trimming around bushes and low-hanging branches. Yard Sharks will mow up to 11 miles per hour. Additional features include a high-lift, long-throw steel turbo deck. Models are available in 51 inches and 60 inches with a choice of Honda or Kawasaki engines.

Exmark redesigns, improves Metro 21 mower
Exmark’s Metro 21, ideal for finish and trim work, now features an improved front pivot design and increased handle diameter for greater durability. The shift mechanism has been repositioned on top of the transmission, and the mower is available with a 6-horsepower Kawasaki engine or a 5.5-horsepower Honda engine. In addition, cushioned traction and blade brake controls bails deliver maximum comfort for users.

Spread topsoil, sand, mulch and other materials up to 60 feet away
The Terracat spreader, by Bay-Lynx, can spread topsoil, mulch, sand and stone up to 60 feet from the rear of a truck. The Terracat comes equipped with a load suspension beam, variable speed conveyor controls and a power assist super shield. Hopper capacities range from six to 12 yards, and can be customized to include a salt/sand spinner assembly, wireless radio remote and other options.

Easy aeration with any rubber-tire lawn mower
The Mow-Aerator, manufactured by Gailco Innovations, is a set of brackets and 11/2-inch spikes that attach to a riding or walk-behind mower’s tires. The weight of the mower helps the spikes penetrate the root zone, allowing the operator to mow and aerate at the same time without leaving large chunks of dirt behind. The Mow-Aerator can be used as a solution to common lawn problems such as bare spots, brown patches and hardened soil.

The Attachments Idea Book
Landscapers use a variety of attachments for doing everything from snow removal to jobsite cleanup, and regardless of how often they are used, every landscaper has a favorite attachment.
Attachments Idea Book Cover