Field Guide – March 2008

Less maintenance with Aquascape’s AquaBasin
Aquascape introduces the AquaBasin, a high-density polyethylene basin for decorative water features. Capable of holding 75 gallons of water, the AquaBasin gives homeowners more time to admire their water features, rather than constantly refilling the basin. Made with double-wall construction, the octagon-shaped basin measures 45 inches across and has a depth of 14 inches. A two-inch lid at the top leaves room for gravel around the water feature, and the four-inch drop down in the middle allows enough room to set the decorative piece and keep it stable.

Get more horsepower with Compact Power’s 532DX
Compact Power adds a new model to their Boxer lineup with the 532DX diesel compact utility loader. Offering the highest horsepower in the Boxer line, the 532DX is powered by a 32.8-horsepower Kubota D1105-T diesel engine and also has an operating capacity of 1,050 pounds.

Controlled by a joystick, the 532DX retains the integrated track system of the Boxer 526DX, extending from a width of 35 inches to 431/2 inches, making it easily maneuverable through gates or on sidewalks. The loader is also compatible with any of the over 50 available attachments.

Create landscape drawings on site
Dynascape has partnered with NuPoints to create SiteCapture Pro, the newest product in Dynascape’s line of software tools for landscape designers. Designers no longer need to keep up with site measurements on paper; using SiteCapture Pro, all measurements can be entered directly into a handheld Pocket PC or PDA. This software offers designers a reliable place to keep up with property measurements while out of the office. Back in the office, SiteCapture Pro takes the measurements and turns them into base plan drawings. Drawings can then be printed out or imported into a CAD-based design tool.

Protect your legs with Wack-Eez gaiters
MGM Mazsport introduces the deluxe edition of their Wack-Eez gaiter line. Protect your legs from bruises, bites and grass stains while working, especially while trimming and edging.

Gaiters feature a breathable mesh back to keep you cool and protective padding around the knees and shins. One size fits all with the Wack-Eez gaiters as an adjustable velcro strap can be fitted around your belt or pant loop and the heavy duty rubber strap holds the gaiters in place around your shoe. Wack-Eez gaiters are also available in pro and standard models.

Elvex introduces new generation of ear plugs
Elvex Blue has redesigned their disposable foam ear plugs. The most important change from the old model is the shape of the ear plug. New models feature a more tapered shape with softer foam, which not only fits a user’s ear better, but also allows for slower expansion once inserted. The new design registers a noise reduction rating of 32 decibels. In addition, the ear plugs feature a high-visibility blue color, which is easily seen on the jobsite.

Toro adds new products to its Intelli-Sense line
The Intelli-Sense irrigation controller has two larger versions to aid commercial contractors. The TIS-360 is designed for installations requiring up to 36 stations, while the TIS-480 works well for jobs needing up to 48 stations. Using a WeatherTRAK scheduling engine and real-time evapotranspiration data, TIS models can change their irrigation schedules to adjust to plants’ needs and ensure landscapes receive correct amounts of water. Used with other Toro products like the TFS Flow Sensors, TIS controllers can also monitor and check for line breaks or other faults.

Use recycled decorative stone to add color to gardens
Zorock Decorative Stones are made from 100-percent recycled concrete and use environmentally safe colorants. The stones are non-toxic to children, animals and plants making them safe to use in any lawn or garden. Available in a wide variety of colors, these stones can be used in place of mulch or to create your favorite team’s logo in your backyard. Zorock Stones do not attract termites, blow away, wash away with rain or need to be replaced every year. They also do not absorb heat, but keep the ground cool and moisture content high to aid plant growth.

Easier small-area irrigation
Underhill introduces the MicroEase Small Area Kit (ME-8SS-PK), the first in a series of pre-packaged micro-irrigation kits for small-area landscaping and irrigation jobs. Designed to simplify installation of low-volume systems, the ME-8SS-PK includes all of the components that are necessary for irrigating planter boxes, hanging baskets or containers. MicroEase kits are designed to run for two minutes per day, or two minutes twice a day during warmer months. Features specific to the ME-8SS-PK include 25 six-inch spikes each with an eight-stream pattern, adjustable flow up to 14 gallons per hour, adjustable radius from zero to three feet and a precipitation rate of 3.5 inches per hour.

Locate buried obstacles with new Ditch Witch product
Ditch Witch debuts the 720ML magnetic locator. The electronic locating system is extremely sensitive and designed to detect metallic or ferrous objects like marker stakes, manhole covers, valve boxes and cast-iron pipe around excavation and horizontal directional drilling jobsites. The 720ML uses only two controls, making it easily operable with one hand. Other features include two audio modes, four sensitivity settings to suit soil conditions and easy-to-read digital bar graph. Two nine-volt lithium batteries power the 720ML, and give it enough power to operate for more than 60 hours.

Reduce application time with Northern Turf’s Spread-n-Spray
Northern Turf Equipment introduced the SS220 Ride On Spread-n-Spray that sprays and spreads fertilizer simultaneously to reduce application time. Designed for landscapers, the SS220 includes a 20-gallon spray unit with three spray patterns of four feet, eight feet and 16 feet, capable of spreading fertilizer from four feet to 32 feet. Two spread speeds and six spray rates also come standard. Other features include a three-foot turning radius, three forward speeds, reverse and dual hydraulic front disc brakes.

Operate on congested sites with Gehl’s 283Z compact excavator
The 283Z is the newest addition to Gehl’s existing line of zero-tailswing compact excavators. The 283Z weighs 2.8 tons, enabling it to be transported on a passenger car trailer. The excavator can be operated close to walls or other obstructions due to its zero-tailswing maneuverability, and operators will enjoy the design of this machine as it allows for more space and legroom. The diesel engine is mounted on the side, while the hydraulic and fuel tanks are in the rear. The 283Z is available with either canopy or cab, and cabs come standard with features like heater/defroster, interior light and windshield washer system.

Split logs faster with Log Machine
USPraxis has introduced its Log Machine line of log splitters. The series features four models: LS9-4 (22 ton), LS9-5 (28 ton), LS13-4 (30 ton) and LS13-5 (34 ton). All models of the Log Machine can be operated in the horizontal position, or convert the machine to a vertical position to handle heavier work. USPraxis has recorded splitting times of nine seconds on the 22-ton machine and 12 seconds on the 34-ton machine. Other features include a flexible axle system, nine-inch splitting wedge, 16-inch DOT-rated tires, 26-inch log capacity and two-inch hitch.

Never trim again with the Bush Bib
Made by People Devices, the Bush Bib is a vegetation barrier used for trimming around individual plants or utility sites. Once installed, the product sinks to the ground, allowing mower decks enough room to pass over them without damage to the mower or the bib. Bush Bibs remove the need for chemicals, mulch or string trimming, and the time and money associated with those. No digging or stakes are required for installation, and the Bush Bib comes in a variety of colors and diameters, conforming to the terrain and disappearing from view at a distance.

Enjoy cleaner, more precise applications with electric fertilizer injector
Amiad Filtration Systems introduces the Electric Fertilizer Injector (EFI). The EFI operates on a 110/220V AC or 12V DC making it compatible with most fertigation systems. It distributes liquid fertilizer with more accuracy – within 2 to 5 percent of its target rates – to minimize fertilizer waste and help protect the environment. The EFI operates at line pressure of up to 80 psi, and its integrated computer offers stand-alone mode and safeguards fertigation by preventing over-dosing and protecting against overloaded pumps or blocked lines. The EFI is durable, weather-resistant and chemical-resistant.

Placement tool ideal for heavy blocks and stone curbing
The EZ-Set multi-purpose placing tool sets large stones, modular blocks, boulders, pipe, timbers, outcroppings, ledge stones, monuments and stone curbing on landscaping jobsites without using multiple laborers. Employing a mechanism that shifts the weight burden from underneath to the side, the EZ-Set tool eliminates the need for lifting straps, shovels, crowbars, two-by-fours and additional laborers for lifting and placing materials. It’s available in 1,000- or 3,000-pound capacities.

Eastman Reel Mower offers durability
The Eastman Reel Mower boasts strength and durability with a frame constructed of solid welded steel. With a cutting width of 25 inches, the Reel Mower is powered by a 5- or 51⁄2-horsepower Honda engine or a 51⁄2-horsepower Briggs & Stratton engine. It is equipped with eight height adjustments, from 3⁄16 to 11⁄4 inches, and comes with the option of either five or seven blades.

Fertilizer enhances turf appearance, provides very little residue
Lebanon Turf’s 9-2-5 fertilizer with Iron, an addition to their Proscape brand, combines the color from MESA with an iron source to enhance turf color and correct deficiencies. Approximately / of the nitrogen comes from an organic-based fertilizer. Ideal for use any time of the growing season, this new formulation gives off very little dust in a 5-pound spread rate.

The Attachments Idea Book
Landscapers use a variety of attachments for doing everything from snow removal to jobsite cleanup, and regardless of how often they are used, every landscaper has a favorite attachment.
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