Field Guide – April 2008

Rayco introduces the Super Crawler
The Rayco C100 Super Crawler is designed to handle the toughest terrain. A 96-horsepower Kubota turbo charged diesel engine powers the C100, and Super Flow hydraulics with 39 gpm at 6,090 psi ensure smooth control responses and efficient attachment use. The C100 also features an advanced cooling package to cut down on maintenance. The steel track undercarriage and 16-inch single grouser track pads give this machine greater traction and mobility.

Landscape loader gets a redesign

John Deere redesigned the 210LJ Landscape Loader to offer more versatility for landscapers. The new 210LJ is powered by a Tier 3-certified John Deere PowerTech E 4045HT 84-horsepower engine. It includes three-point hitch controls, a power take-off option and sits 12 inches lower to offer more clearance around existing structures. The loader also comes with an all-weather cab option for working longer into the winter season. The operator station features a new swivel seat, turning 10 degrees to the left for entry and exit and 45 degrees to the right for greater visibility.

Easily maneuver tight spaces with compact excavator
Kobelco’s 17SR Acera compact excavator has zero tailswing and an adjustable track gauge making it easy to operate in limited spaces. Powered by a 15.2-horsepower three-cylinder Tier III-certified diesel engine, the 17SR has a digging depth of over 7 feet and the bucket capacity is .88 to 1.55 cubic inches. The machine’s Smart Hydraulic System is fueled by three hydraulic pumps that allow for simultaneous lifting, swinging and travel operations and gives greater controllability for fine grading work.

Eco-friendly paving for residential clients
As stormwater runoff remains in the spotlight as a leading environmental issue, landscapers are incorporating more permeable paving into their designs. Pine Hall Brick introduces RainPave, a permeable rumbled clay paver for use in residential areas that allows rainwater to filter through to the soil, rather than carrying excess pollutants into storm drains or other water sources. RainPave is designed to give homes the look of an antique clay paver, and each brick measures 23/4 inches by 4 inches by 8 inches.

New attachments from AIM
AIM Attachments has a full line of forks and attachments for skid-steer loaders, including the pallet and utility fork attachment. The fork is ideal for moving materials on the jobsite as its high visibility backframe is designed to support loads evenly. Fully forged and heat-treated tines not only boast strength but are also adjustable to carry various widths of materials. In addition, a built-in operator step allows users to easily enter and exit.

Turn tree waste into pulp with grinder
Bandit Industries adds a new Beast Recycler to its line, the Model 1680 Sharptooth. A compact grinder, the Sharptooth is capable of disposing of brush, limbs and other tree waste on site with its 52-inch-by-24-inch-high in-feed opening. Weighing less than 20,000 pounds, the unit is transported by two 10,000-pound Torflex axles. Other features of the Sharptooth include 26 cutterbodies with teeth, engine options up to 275 horsepower and an optional 36-inch hydraulic folding infeed pan.

Give plants more than fertilizer with AdamsEarth
While it is important to fertilize plants and turfgrass, the Plant Food Company also believes it is equally important to care for the soil. AdamsEarth is a liquid soil amendment that blends humic and amino acids, North Atlantic kelp extract and other organic compounds into soil to provide a nutrient-rich base for flowers, shrubs and other plants. The organic nutrients help rectify soil deficiencies to improve the quality of the soil as well as increase rooting mass, plant vigor and chlorophyll production. AdamsEarth also works to enrich a plant’s heat and cold tolerance.

Custom-built spreader racks offer strength
MooseBuilt Products introduces its commercial spreader rack for ride-on spreaders. The rack includes locking pins for secure lock-ons, and its outer layer is constructed of Line-X to protect against rust-causing harsh chemicals in fertilizers. High-strength welds reinforced by steel plates keep the rack from flexing during loading and unloading, and the deck rails are constructed to avoid flexing and add protection from equipment falling off or coming loose.

Lay curb more efficiently with The Stampa
Borderline Stamp introduces a new machine to the industry that can lay curb and stamp patterns at the same time. The Stampa can be programmed for the curb’s length and angle and is able to stamp eight different patterns to create a unique design for any client. Due to the design of this machine, crews need only one person to run The Stampa, making laying curb more efficient. The machine is powered by a 3.0-horsepower Honda gas motor and is equipped with three pneumatic tires. It will be available mid-summer.

Control post-emergent weeds without damaging ornamentals
Segment herbicide is a grass selective post-emergent herbicide from BASF Turf & Ornamentals that works with over 350 species of ornamentals. It offers selective control of weeds in centipedegrass, annual bluegrass and established fine and tall fescue turfgrasses. This herbicide will not injure ornamentals, no matter the growth stage of the plant. It can also be applied directly to trees and shrubs at any time, including seedling and bud break stages. Segment is rain-resistant one hour after application.

Create decorative concrete walls with Arch-Crete forms
Arch-Crete plastic formwork allows you to create decorative concrete features easily while saving time and money. Weighing less than 60 pounds, the forms are durable enough to last through 1,500 uses and are assembled using a pin and wedge connection, so the only tool required for assembly is a hammer. Use them for features like retaining walls, garden walls, privacy walls or columns. Six available textures include Boulder Stone, Castle Cut, Ledge Stone, Flat Finish, Cobblestone and River Rock II.

Spend more time growing your business
Throw out your pencil and paper for billing and try Adkad Technologies’ Grounds-
keeper Pro business management software. With features for scheduling, routing, billing, customer account maintenance, job estimating and tracking business expenses, bookkeeping is easier and adds a professional touch to landscaping companies. Designed specifically for the green industry, landscapers can spend less time on books and more time onsite. Groundskeeper Pro can also hold up to 10,000 customers and print or e-mail invoices.

Reach higher with compact loader’s telescopic arm
Compact Power has unveiled its 700 series compact utility loaders, each designed with a telescopic arm to easily load dump trucks or stack pallets. Hinge pin height reaches over 8 feet on the 726DT, over 9 feet on the 732DT and over 12 feet on the 749DT. Each model is powered by a fuel-efficient diesel engine and includes hydrostatic transmission, four-wheel drive and frame articulation for maneuvering in small spaces.

DRB introduces rubber tracks without metal imbeds
DRB America now manufactures non-metal core rubber tracks. These tracks do not have metal imbeds like traditional rubber tracks and offer lower weight and enhanced traction. All DRB America rubber tracks work to optimize machine use by reducing vibration to decrease machine wear. Other benefits include a decreased down force for increased driving performance on soft ground and inclines, and rubber tracks decrease the impact on asphalt or concrete surfaces.

Keep irrigation tools in one place
Greenlee introduces the Irrigation Tool Kit as part of its line of professional hand tools. The tool kit offers landscapers a way to keep all the tools they need for irrigation in one place – an 18-inch heavy-duty bag. Included in the bag is an auto select digital multi-meter, high level side-cutting pliers with 8-inch molded grip, 16-inch dipped plum pliers, 6-in-1 multi-tool screwdriver, 12-inch hack saw with shatterproof blades, utility knife, 25-foot power return ruler, Rocut 50 TC PVC shears and pro plus strippers 8-16 AWG.

The Attachments Idea Book
Landscapers use a variety of attachments for doing everything from snow removal to jobsite cleanup, and regardless of how often they are used, every landscaper has a favorite attachment.
Attachments Idea Book Cover