Field Guide – August 2008

Dig deeper with utility tractor power
Kubota’s M59 tractor loader backhoe is powered by a 59-horsepower diesel engine and includes a spark arrestor muffler, four-wheel drive, an integrated mainframe, heavy-duty rear axle and multiple wet disc brakes. The M59 features a backhoe with a 12-foot digging depth, a bucket digging force of over 7,600 pounds and a dipper digging force of 4,731 pounds.

Turf-friendly tires provide traction
Maxxis designed its M-9227 Pro Tech Turf Tire to provide traction without damaging turf. Tires feature a greater tread depth, distinctive tread design and modified shoulders to offer lateral traction and reduce slipping on hills. They are also available in four-ply for increased puncture resistance.

Brass sculptures complement outdoor settings
The Brass Baron Fountain & Statuary has a line of piped statuary for ponds, pools and water features as well as sculptures that will add elegance to any outdoor setting. All creations are cast by hand in brass. New products in the line include a longneck goose, heron, leaping frog and fox.

Brushcutter-chipper for mini-excavators
The DAH-080C brushcutter-chipper from Denis Cimaf is designed for 7-ton and heavier mini-excavators. Weighing about 1,580 pounds, the DAH-080C is equipped with 11 fixed knives that offer a cutting width of 32 inches. Using the standard hydraulics of the excavator, the DAH-080C can cut and chip trees with diameters up to 5 inches.

Label approved for control of mites
Arysta LifeScience received EPA approval of an expanded label for its Shuttle 15 SC miticide for control of a broad spectrum of mites including Citrus and European red mites, Texas citrus mites and all species of Spider mites. Shuttle uses the active ingredient acequinocyl to knock down mites in all stages of life as well as offer resistance control.

Extended-length utility vehicles with four-person seating
Husqvarna’s new extended-length utility vehicles feature all-wheel drive, auto-locking differentials, tilt steering, four-wheel disc brakes, an aircraft-grade aluminum frame and ROPS. The HUV4421GXL has a 23-horsepower gasoline engine, and the HUV4421DXL has a 20-horsepower diesel engine. Vehicles have an 800-pound bed load capacity and 1,600-pound total vehicle capacity.

Compact forklift with tilting cabin
Ausa’s T204H Taurulift is an all-terrain compact forklift with telescopic arm featuring a tilting cabin, which allows easy access for maintenance without unbolting the arm. The forklift is also equipped with permanent 4×4 traction, a hydrostatic transmission and three modes of directional control – front wheels only, crab and coordinated.

Control multiple pests with one application
Acelepryn insecticide from DuPont features the EPA Reduced Risk classified Calteryx as its active ingredient. Acelepryn has been found to control all 10 key white grub species, as well as other pests including the annual bluegrass weevil, billbugs and caterpillars. Additionally, Acelepryn has the ability to control multiple pests with a single, early application.

Spot sprayers for utility vehicles
Two new skid-mounted spot sprayers are available from TurfEx. The US500 and US1000 feature corrosion-resistant polyethylene tanks of 50 and 100 gallons, respectively. Sprayers are designed to mount in the bed of any utility vehicle or pickup and also include 50-foot hoses on 100-foot capacity manual-rewind hose reels and 12-volt diaphragm pumps.

A mower designed for uneven ground
The Ventrac MJ840 contour mower from Venture Products is designed for uneven ground. Featuring a front mount, three-deck wing system, each cutting unit of the mower is able to move independently, allowing a smoother overall cut. The MJ840 has a cutting width of 84 inches and a cutting height of 3/4 to 31/2 inches with 12 cutting positions.

New water feature kit from PondBuilder
Create a waterfall and stream without a pond in less than three hours using the Cascading Falls Kit from PondBuilder. The kit includes a 10-inch-wide cascade box, mini pump canyon, fish-friendly liner, PVC flex hose, 1,800-gph pump, discharge assembly and a small basic matrix.

Zero-turn series for all lawn sizes
The ZT Series from Bad Boy Mowers features three models to handle lawns of all shapes and sizes. Mower decks are constructed of 7-gauge steel and range in size from 36 to 60 inches. Two models include a 26-horsepower Briggs ELS engine, and the third is powered by a 23-horsepower Vanguard engine. All models include 1/2-inch steel front forks.

Turn your grinder into a chipper
Beast horizontal grinders from Bandit Industries can be converted into whole tree chippers. By exchanging the standard cutterbodies for cutterbodies with knives, Beast recyclers can do the work of a chipper. Knives can be easily changed by loosening the bolt that holds the knife and counter-knife.

Self-contained pneumatic blower
Express Blower’s TM-45, a self-contained, steel-framed aluminum box blower can be mounted on a variety of trucks or trailers. Powered by a 275-horsepower, turbo-diesel Tier 3 Caterpillar C-7 engine, the TM-45 is capable of spreading materials from compost and mulches to aggregates and wood chips.

Pocket-sized laser meter for measurements
Leica Geosystem’s Disto D2 is a compact device capable of measuring distances and calculating area and volume quickly. The flip-out end piece is used to measure from edges or corners, and the shortcut keys are convenient for addition, subtraction, area and volume and other indirect functions.

New wheel loaders from Yanmar
Yanmar’s V-series of compact wheel loaders includes the V3-6 and V4-6 powered by a 30.3-horsepower and 40.4-horsepower diesel engine, respectively. Both models feature a reduced overall height to aid in enclosed carrier loading and unloading operations, and the lower center of gravity adds stability. The V3-6 has a lifting capacity of 5,760 pounds, and the V4-6 can lift 7,451 pounds.

Contact and systemic fungicide in one product
Advan’s Tee-1-Up WDG fungicide combines the chlorothalonil of a contact fungicide and the thiophanate-methyl of a systemic fungicide into one jug. Used for broad-spectrum disease control on cool- and warm-season turfgrasses, ornamentals, shrubs and trees, Tee-1-Up works on a variety of diseases including dollar spot, brown patch, pink and gray snow mold, cedar apple rust, black spot and scab.

Low-impact mats for turfgrass
The Pedestrian Mat Series, or PED, from SVE Portable Roadway Systems is a 44-inch by 96-inch by 1/2-inch mat used for events where foot traffic is especially heavy. The ground side features a wide-spaced “nub” pattern, while the PED side consists of a more closely spaced “nub” pattern for increased traction.

All-natural erosion control
The Excel SS-2 double net straw blankets from Western Excelsior provide erosion control for up to one year. Blankets are constructed of a 100-percent weed-free straw matrix stitched between two nets. Excel SS-2 blankets are available with photodegradable, synthetic netting or all-natural, biodegradable netting and also serve as a mulching layer.

The Attachments Idea Book
Landscapers use a variety of attachments for doing everything from snow removal to jobsite cleanup, and regardless of how often they are used, every landscaper has a favorite attachment.
Attachments Idea Book Cover