Field Guide: New products – October 2008

Upgraded mid-mount ZTR
Wright Manufacturing’s Stander ZK is an upgrade to its traditional Stander and includes features like a low center of gravity for greater stability and a shorter overall length for maneuverability. Improvements to the ZK include greater fuel capacity and ground speeds – up to 14 miles per hour. ZK models have deck widths of 52 to 61 inches and engine options up to 31 horsepower.

Leatherman pruner features professional tools
The new Leatherman Genus pruner features a rotating handle that stores a full set of professional tools. By pushing a button and flipping the handle, a knife, Phillips screwdriver, sprinkler head adjustment tool/flat screwdriver, bottle opener and aggressive saw appear. Also included is a diamond-coated and wood/metal file that can be used as an open-end wrench for adjusting the pruner nut.

Pretty in pink hybrids
Terra Nova Nurseries has created the Echinacea purpurea ‘Pink Poodle,’ a coneflower with 4-inch-wide flower heads. The fragrant, bright pink flowers feature strong, well-branched stems, growing up to 32 inches tall. The ‘Pink Poodle’ can grow in Hardiness Zones 4-9, needs full sun, and will attract hummingbirds and butterflies.

Wheel loaders run cooler and faster
Repowered with 3.2-liter Tier III engines and new cooling packages, the Case 21E, 121E, 221E and 321E compact wheel loaders deliver between 54 and 82 net horsepower. The cooling packages on these loaders are located at the rear of the machine for better air flow and more convenient service. The E series loaders come with the standard skid-steer compatible coupler and accept more than 75 attachments.

Control erosion with a hybrid system
The HY-750-HE from Turbo Technologies is a hybrid hydroseeding system that combines paddle and jet agitation. The 750-gallon poly tank and dual 13-horsepower Honda engines allow the system to handle heavy slurries of paper, blends or wood mulch. The HY-750-HE can seed 10,000 square feet per load and comes standard with spray platform and turret gun.

Soil conditioner reduces irrigation
RootGel is an absorbent soil conditioner designed to increase the water holding capacity of soils and potting mixes, which in turn reduces the frequency of irrigation up to 50 percent. It also helps reduce the leaching of nutrients. Compatible with all types of equipment, RootGel can be sprayed topically to reach under turf’s thatch layer, and it encourages plant growth in hot and dry conditions.

Upgraded compact track loaders from Mustang
Mustang revised three CTL models to meet Tier III engine emissions regulations and added a fourth to the new line. These models – the MTL312, MTL316, MTL320 and MTL325 – feature faster ground speeds, up to 7.5 miles per hour, and increased horsepower ranging from 66 to 92. The new standard foot throttle helps with fuel efficiency, and additional control handle switches give operators more power at their fingertips.

Remove debris with grooming attachments
Groom ‘N’ Sweep broom attachments from TurfEx can be used to remove debris and groom lawns or sports fields. Two models are available, the GB60 with a 60-inch-long mainframe and the GB72 with a 72-inch-long mainframe. Designed to mount on most service vehicles, both units feature eight polypropylene brush rows capable of handling wet or dry material in forward and reverse.

Colorful shading for outdoor areas
Shade Sails are a colorful way to shade playgrounds, parks and even outdoor dining areas. The sails are tensioned fabric made of high-density, UV-resistant polyethylene knit material. Sails can be twisted, overlapped and angled to create a variety of forms, and once installed, shades are taut and wind resistant. Shade Sails are available in a variety of colors and sizes.

Hydraulic oils for environmentally sensitive areas
Clarion A/W oils are designed for use in pumps and gears of hydraulic equipment used in environmentally sensitive areas. The anti-wear hydraulic oils are biodegradable, non-toxic and pass the U.S. Coast Guard static sheen test. If the white oils come in contact with pavement or grass, they will not stain or harm landscaping.

Fiberglass pole saw system for tree pruning
The Todoku 390 fiberglass pole saw system from Silky features high-strength oval-shape fiberglass poles to provide greater control over blade direction and reduce bending of connected poles. Included in the system are three 6-foot fiberglass poles and blade assembly, and the saw uses a Hayauchi 152⁄5-inch curved blade. Pole extension ranges from 8 feet to 18 feet, making the maximum working reach 21 feet.

Move fragile items with skid steers
Using the PotHandler from ProLine Equipment allows skid-steer operators to move fragile items such as terra cotta pots or lawn decorations safely and easily. The PotHandler is an accessory for the ProLine Grabber attachment and features soft, abrasion-resistant rubber pads to cushion the object. The accessory pins to the attachment and will conform to sizes from 20 to 40 inches in diameter.

Bid with confidence
Profits Unlimited’s software program assists landscape professionals in determining a confident bid price for jobs. Using the program, landscapers calculate a cost per hour of operation. The CD works with Microsoft Excel, and calculated costs are based on a company’s use rates and overhead rather than an industry standard.

Lightweight applicator gun covers more turf
Underhill International’s LiquidPro applicator gun for wetting agents, fertilizers and micronutrients weighs three pounds and is UV-protected and chemical resistant. The high-density poly-bottle has a one-quart capacity and covers 1,000 square feet of turf in less than a minute. The applicator is compatible with 3/4-inch and 1-inch hoses, and a brass 1-inch female hose thread (FHT) by 3/4-inch male hose thread (MHT) adapter is included.

Photo-realistic 3D software for landscape designs
3D Nature’s Visual Nature Studio 3 is the latest version of its photo-realistic landscape visualization software that features Phong shading and ultra-high resolution effects. The advanced topology features allow users to easily integrate data from GIS, CAD and design documents into fly-through animations, still images, maps, posters or Web sites.

Create intricate cobblestone designs with concrete pavers
Using pavers from Cobble Systems, landscapers can achieve a handcrafted cobblestone look when designing exterior and interior paths. Constructed of high-strength concrete, pavers can withstand vehicular traffic. Pavers are available in two thicknesses and four colors, and they come in four different patterned sheets including fans and circles. Joints can be filled using fine gravel, stabilized sand or Euro Grout D-2000.

New system makes maintaining mower blades more efficient
The Meg-Mo system saves landscapers time and money when it comes to maintaining conventional lawn mower blades. The disk system, which includes style cutting disks fitted with four swivel-mounted blades, allows landscapers to keep the disk and change only the knives as they wear out. In addition, the blades are quiet and mulch without changing blades.

The Attachments Idea Book
Landscapers use a variety of attachments for doing everything from snow removal to jobsite cleanup, and regardless of how often they are used, every landscaper has a favorite attachment.
Attachments Idea Book Cover