Field Guide – December 2008

Track trencher creates straighter trenches
The 1824TK track-mounted trencher from Barreto Manufacturing has a 238-square-inch footprint, giving operators more traction to create straighter trenches. It also offers improved flotation on unstable soil. The trencher’s safety clutch can cut hydraulic power to the track drive and digging chain without killing the engine. The 1824TK also features a set and go cruise control and an easy access design for maintenance.

Lights and sounds enhance retaining walls
RisiLight and RisiSounds are designed for use with Pisa2 retaining wall units. Both features are easily installed by switching out an individual wall unit. RisiLight illuminates walkways, steps or terraces, while RisiSounds provides music or an intercom system. Lights and speakers feature high-strength fiberglass housing and acrylic faceplates that are textured and color-matched with existing Pisa2 wall units.

Redesigned gardening gloves feature more economical material
Bionic’s new pair of gardening gloves, the Bionic Blooms, features a spandex backside and tough goatskin palm. Using these materials instead of the sheepskin and leather design of the Classic model makes the Blooms more affordable. Blooms still include Bionic’s anatomical pad system, which improves grip strength, reduces hand fatigue, and helps reduce calluses and blisters.

Utility-class excavator tackles multiple jobs
Hitachi’s ZX120-3 utility-class excavator handles a variety of jobs from digging basements to placing pipe. Powered by a 93-horsepower Isuzu engine, the Zaxis 120-3 includes three power modes, two travel modes and one work mode. The machine features an HIOS III hydraulic system and can be towed behind a dump truck.

Roundup’s next generation of herbicide
Roundup’s newest herbicide, Roundup Promax will be available in 2009. Made to control a broad spectrum of weeds, the product features a new formula containing a potassium salt solution that uses a smaller molecule. With the higher concentration, one gallon of Roundup Promax contains the glyphosate-acid equivalent of six quarts of Roundup Pro. The new formula also guarantees Promax is rainfast in 30 minutes.

New rhododendron hybrid from Briggs
Briggs Nursery released its new hybrids for 2009. Included in the line-up is the Rhododendron ‘Trocadero.’ A Hachmann hybrid crossing ‘Torero’ and ‘Erato,’ this plant can grow to 7 feet tall in 10 years. ‘Trocadero’ flowers late in the season in June or August, showing off its true red color. This rhododendron is cold hardy to USDA Hardiness Zones 5.

Maintain peak performance of air filters
Outerwears designs pre-filters for use with existing air filters. The new water repellent pre-filter, item number 20-2409-01, works with the John Deere air filter AM 108184. Created with Terra-Flo, the pre-filters allow efficient operation of equipment while reducing the number of air filter replacements during a season.

A graceful option for pathway lighting
Altec Lighting’s graceful goose neck spun copper unit, series 9130, features low voltage, which makes it a less obtrusive and energy-saving option for lighting garden pathways. Available in two heights, the 23-inch light is used for normal lighting and the 33-inch light is well suited for mature gardens. Light specifics include a 1/2-inch copper pipe and a 4-inch by 4-inch deep head diameter.

Bayer introduces new formulation of fungicide
Bayer’s new formulation of ProStar Fungicide is available for use. The water dispersible granular formulation provides easy mixing and results in a more even application. ProStar works on turf, ornamental plants, shrubs and trees to control diseases such as brown patch, large patch, brown ring patch and fairy ring. ProStar controls diseases without any phytotoxic bronzing effects in hot weather.

New fescue offerings from Lebanon Turf
Lebanon Turf has three new tall fescue varieties available in its Winning Colors tall fescue blend or Winning Colors Plus mix. One variety, Monet tall fescue, was selected for its improved disease resistance, fine leaf texture, high endophyte level and dark green color. Monet is drought and heat tolerant.

Kioti expands compact tractor line
Kioti adds a fifth model to its line of compact tractors. The DK75 has a 75-horsepower turbo-charged diesel engine and a 12-gear transmission. The engine provides enough power for jobs from tillage work to front-end loader applications. The DK75 includes a Category II three-point hitch with stabilizers and telescoping ends to load attachments quickly.

Enhanced two-wire central controller for irrigation systems
Rain Bird’s MDC2 two-wire decoder based controller supports 1 to 200 decoder addresses and works well for multi-phase projects. Decoders are installed in valve boxes to protect them from harsh weather and are located throughout the irrigation system. The device features improved resistance to electrical surge and lightning strikes and increased resistance to water intrusion.

Spray bodies for residential and commercial use
K-Rain’s Pro-S series is a new line of professional-grade spray sprinklers for residential and commercial irrigation systems. The series features spray bodies in five pop-up sizes: 2 inches, 3 inches, 4 inches, 6 inches and 12 inches. Each is designed to be compatible with standard female-threaded nozzles. Spray bodies can be mixed and matched with other K-Rain nozzles and other brand nozzles.

Longer deckover equipment haulers from Bri-Mar
Bri-Mar’s EH824 series of deckover equipment haulers now have extended length. Haulers measure 24-foot bed length and 101-inch deck width. The EH824-14 has a gross weight
rating of 14,000 pounds while the EH824-16 has a rating of 16,000 pounds. Both models have a heavy-duty 6-inch tube mainframe, 3-inch channel crossmembers and treated decking lumber. Models are available with choice of standard ramps or split landscape gates.

Weed control for grasses and broadleaf weeds
Phydura from Soil Technologies is a non-selective weed-killing spray with no re-entry interval. The product’s active ingredient is clove oil, which is used to control grasses and broadleaf weeds. Phydura is 100 percent biodegradable and is available as a liquid concentrate that is diluted in water for easy application.

The Attachments Idea Book
Landscapers use a variety of attachments for doing everything from snow removal to jobsite cleanup, and regardless of how often they are used, every landscaper has a favorite attachment.
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