Law to force contractors to gain plumbing license

Updated Feb 19, 2013

After 20 years of being allowed to install irrigation systems without a plumber’s license, Illinois contractors will be required to gain certification after Jan. 1, 2013. Due to budgetary problems, contractors could not afford a lobbyist to continue the legislation that allowed non-licensed plumbers to install/service irrigation systems, says Dean Goodenough, president of the Illinois Green Industry Association (IGIA).

The Irrigation Registration Law was passed with an automatic repeal date of Jan. 1, 2013 (all Illinois Registration laws have automatic repeal dates to force the legislature to review the law).

After the irrigation registration law is repealed, every person on an irrigation jobsite, whether digging, maintaining, installing, designing, supervising, etc. must be a licensed plumber or a licensed apprentice plumber.

For more information on this law or the IGIA, contact [email protected] or the IGIA at 217-525-6222.

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