Say goodbye to direct mail, door hangers

Updated Jul 5, 2018
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Creating an online presence for any business is a crucial step in increasing any type of traffic a company may need.

Sending out fliers is great, but being able to market online is going to give any business a more direct and influential approach at getting clients, according to Lawn Care Marketing Expert Andrew Pototschnik.

Pototschnik compares online marketing to creating a direct mail campaign.

“We send out 5,000 flyers to our community wherever we’re marketing,” he says. “We don’t know anything about them beyond the fact that they have an address and a name, and they live in a certain area. We have no idea if they already have a company maintaining their property, if they’re looking for somebody in the near future, if they do it themselves, if they’ll ever even want to use your services.

“We don’t know anything. We’re just throwing mailers at them and hoping something sticks.”

Having a client initiate the marketing is the best bet in getting a new client, and it takes no time for a client to search online to figure out what and who they are about to invest in.

When a client has a need or desire, that’s when the sale is the easiest to make. Creating an online presence does the sale pitch for you.

Most likely, a client isn’t going to need you when you’re sending out flyers or putting up door hangers.

“If they don’t need you right that second when you’ve mailed them, when it arrives at their door, when it arrives in their hand, you’re typically going to go in the trash,” Pototschnik says. “You can tell if you’ve ever done any direct mail, any door hangers, you know your response rate is really low, and this is exactly why it happens. They don’t have the need for you right then.”

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