How To Store Mowers Through Cold Season

Updated Dec 10, 2013

Opener_photoMany landscapers are beginning to put away mowers for the season, but forgetting a few key steps could be detrimental in a few months.

The Grounds Guys have offered a few tips on how to winterize equipment through the cold season.

  • Drain the fuel. You never want to leave gas sitting in the tank over those long winter months. When draining any remaining fuel ensure it is into an approved container.
  • Replace your filters. It is a good idea to change air and oil filters after the summer months. Since the mower will be sitting out the winter, this is the perfect time to change the filters.
  • Clean out the undercarriage of the mower. Grass left in the mower deck will harden over the winter months making it harder to remove if you wait until the first mow of the summer.
  • Sharpen and balance the mower blades. Sharpened blades will give you a nice even cut.
  • Replace the spark plug. This will help ensure that your motor is running at a peak performance level.
  • Check the belts and safety shields. Belts can become worn and stretched. Ensure that they are nice a tight on the pulleys and are not cracked or dry.
  • Disconnect the battery. This will help ensure that it stays charged over the winter.
  • Ensure that the wiring is not frayed.
  • Inspect your mower for additional maintenance needs like headlights, tires, bolts etc.
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