Used Truck Market Showing Signs of ‘Relaxed Demand’

The medium-duty used truck market is holding steady.

According to our sister site, Hard Working Trucks, the used truck market is showing signs of relaxed demand, while the construction segment is slowing slightly.

Sales of Class 6 conventionals dipped moderately in October, according to NADA’s December Commercial Truck Guidelines, while Class 4 conventionals and Class 3-4 cabovers showed little movement.

For Class 6 conventionals, volume was similar to the previous month while mileage was in line with the year-to-date average. The average price for Class 6 trucks was $13,009; that’s down $1,498 (or 10.3 percent) from September, with mileage of 186,810, up 9,716 (or 5.2 percent).

Class 4 conventionals fared better, although the group saw little change in demand or supply. The average price was $13,060, $367 (or 2.8 percent) higher than September, with mileage of 113,900, an increase of 5,635 miles (4.9 percent).

Cabovers also were stable: The average price of $10,884 was up $316 (or 2.9 percent), with mileage of 129,151, an increase of 858 miles (0.7 percent).

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