Man Stabs Landscaper Over Grass Clippings

Grass Clippings TLCThis news story sounds almost too crazy to believe: A 70-year-old man, John Fenwick, is accused of stabbing a 19-year-old landscaper because he got grass clippings on his truck, according to Northeast Ohio Media Group.

After mowing the lawn at an apartment building in Akron, Ohio, three teenage landscapers got in their truck to leave. However, before they did, Fenwick came out of the apartments, yelling the boys got grass clippings inside his truck.

Fenwick stabbed one of the teens, a 19-year-old, in his arm through the open truck window. The other two boys got out of the truck and punched the suspect until he dropped the knife. They then drove to another part of the neighborhood to call police.

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Fenwick told police he approached the boys because they regularly did a bad job mowing, ran over children’s toys and got grass clippings everywhere. His girlfriend, 47, told police Fenwick didn’t stab anyone, although she turned over a knife police believe was used in the crime.

Fenwick was jailed and charged with second-degree felonious assault. He has a prior felony after pleading guilty to rape in 1989.

Just to recap this crazy story: A 70-year-old man thought it was justified to stab a teenage because they ran over toys and got grass clippings on things.

What’s your craziest client encounter?

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