Mean Green Mowers adds new backpack products

Mean Green Mower’s battery backpack can be used for trimmers, edgers, and more. Photo: Mean Green MowersMean Green Mower’s battery backpack can be used for trimmers, edgers, and more.
Photo: Mean Green Mowers

Mean Green Mowers is on a mission and that mission is replacing gas-powered landscaping equipment with their own electric versions.

What started in 2008 has seen tremendous growth thanks to air districts in California wanting their lithium-powered electric mowers. In 2015, the company received two South Coast Air Quality Management District contracts in California that are worth $650,000 and another in the Bay Area worth $250,000.

Along with increasing their business, Mean Green Mowers has introduced several new products this year. The BLAST blower brings the power needed to get the job done, but leaves the noise at a minimum. Mean Green’s backpack blower reaches 58 decibels, which is one-eighth of the sound produced by a gas-powered blower.

The BLAST’s popularity and quiet nature has caused Mean Green to create a ZTR BLAST blower attachment that can be placed on any zero-turn mower, UTV, or fertilizer ride on. The operator can change the direction of the blower with a controller.

The BLAST blower is both powerful and quiet.The BLAST blower is both powerful and quiet.

Another interesting innovation that Mean Green has cooked up is its hand-held string trimmer with a battery backpack. The battery backpack allows a longer run-time than a typical gas trimmer and also has a fan installed on the top and bottom to cool off the operator’s neck and back. Chainsaws can also run on the battery backpack.

One of the biggest selling points that Mean Green Mowers brings up is the amount of money that its customers will save. Fuel costs are dramatically cut because there are none.

“Everything’s simple,” said Joe Conrad, president of Mean Green Mowers. “There are no liquids at all.”

Optional solar kits allow customers to receive up to $3,000 in tax credit due to the federal solar tax credit. According to Conrad, starting at the first of the year there will be a price reduction on their products. The company will also begin branching out to Europe in 2016.

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