CM Truck Beds launches service body line

CM Truck Body now offers aluminum and steel service bodies. Photo: CM Truck BedsCM Truck Body now offers aluminum and steel service bodies.
Photo: CM Truck Beds

CM Truck Beds now offers a new service body lineup that’s available in steel or aluminum and in several sizes and configurations.

CM Truck Beds reports that it will provide the best lead time in the industry on its service bodies, which come with an industry-best 4-year, 48,000-mile warranty.

“CM Truck Beds built a national reputation of excellence serving a broad array of demanding industries with our Flat Bed products,” said Joe Lewis, vice president of CM Truck Beds.

“The introduction of the service body product will help extend our relationship with existing customers who’ve been asking for the additional capabilities offered by these designs while also opening up new markets where we can introduce the features, durability, service and value that have made CM Truck Beds a recognized leader in truck body solutions.”

CM Truck Beds’ steel service bodies come with a 6-year, no-rust guarantee, while its aluminum version gets a 10-year, no-rust guarantee.

Key features include an immersive powder-coated finish on every component for long-lasting wear and an enduring finish; premium gas shocks supporting reinforced cabinet doors for maximum strength; stainless steel hardware for security; and bolted, modular construction for configurability and serviceability in the years ahead.

Tool Box on SB model of CM Truck beds

Left side of CM Truck Beds sb model

Right side and rear of CM Truck beds SB model

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