Truck Carrying Millions of Bees Crashes

Bee Swarm TLCWhat’s all the buzz about?

Strike this one up to weird news stories: A truck carrying 16 to 20 million honey bees overturned on a Delaware highway last week. The truck driver and his two passengers were stung by 50 to 100 bees.

The rig, traveling from Florida to Maine, carried 460 crated hives.The rig, traveling from Florida to Maine, carried 460 crated hives.

This was one wreck no one was rushing to get closer to.

Beekeepers had to relocate the bees and hives before the truck could be moved. CNN reports this was the first time in 14 years the local police department has used its bee swarm-removal plan. (They actually have one of those?) CNN has a video showing the crash and the first responders swatting at the bees.

In 2010, CNN also showed footage of firefighters trying to keep swarms of bees at bay with water hoses after a similar incident. Because everyone knows a wet bee is a happy bee…

I guess it’s a bad year for bees, since earlier this year a truck overturned and spilled 42,000 pounds of honey.


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