6 Notable Irrigation Products

Updated Jun 3, 2012

Light-powered wireless irrigation control system
The LEIT-2 from DIG Corporation is a new evolution in wireless irrigation control systems. Powered only by ambient light and controlling up to two valves, LEIT-2’s icon-based programming makes it easy to use. It has three mounting possibilities: valve box lid, pole mount and directly on a valve. The LEIT RC2 remote control handset communicates with up to 99 LEIT-2 controllers, or 198 valves, from a line-of-sight distance of 350 feet.

Rain Bird’s new anti-siphon valves
The Jar Top series of anti-siphon valves by Rain Bird is designed for residential and light commercial applications and combines convenient, tool-free access with backflow prevention in one valve unit. The JTVF-AVB features a double-filtered pilot flow for maximum reliability and a balanced-pressure diaphragm for long life. It operates in low-flow and xerigation applications when the RBY filter is installed upstream and accepts a latching solenoid for use with battery-operated controllers.

Pop-up sprinklers eliminate excessive water usage
Valvette Systems’ new Little Tuffy pop-up sprinklers come in 4- and 6-inch nozzle sizes. According to the manufacturer, the nozzles provide high uniformity and eliminate overspray, misting, /-inch drip tubing, emitters and pressure regulation. Little Tuffy sprinklers are available with check valves and low-volume screens for drip and micro-spray applications.

Orival’s automatic self-cleaning filters
Orival’s ORI series of automatic self-cleaning filters is designed to remove both organic and inorganic suspended solids from irrigation systems. These filters, with stainless steel screens, use an integrated hydraulic system to manage the cleaning cycle that is triggered by a predetermined pressure loss across the dirty screen or by an adjustable timer. Screen cleaning takes five to 10 seconds with no interruption of clean water flow.

Irrometer debuts soil moisture control products
Irrometer’s WaterSwitch offers an inexpensive, simple control option for most residential irrigation systems. It can be retro-fitted to existing systems or installed with new construction. The WaterSwitch connects to the controller’s existing sensor input terminals and a single sensor located in the turf grass roots signals the controller to skip unnecessary watering if sufficient moisture is available.

BVS-1 adds strength to wire splices
The BVS-1, a new silicone-filled watertight connector from Blazing Products, adds superior wire restraint and closes without any tools. It handles 16-, 18- and 20-gauge wires and is ideal for valve splices and repair work.

The Attachments Idea Book
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