Husqvarna introduces new HEPA dust extractors

New dust extractor line by Husqvarna

Throughout 2022, Husqvarna Construction will launch its new range of versatile HEPA dust extractors. Created to complement projects with grinders, power cutters, drill motors,  and other light construction equipment, the five dust extractors in the range, including two battery-powered models, are designed to contribute to a healthier working environment while increasing productivity. 

“On any construction job, dust is the enemy. It can harm machine operators. It can cause problems with equipment. And it can have a negative effect on working efficiency. With our new dust extractors, you can immediately take a major step towards creating a better working environment for yourself and your colleagues," said Joakim-Leff Hallstein, global director product and service management for concrete surfaces and floors at Husqvarna Construction. 

Husqvarna’s new versatile HEPA dust extractors feature the new e-flow technology that enables continuous high performance. A redesigned filter cleaning mechanism also ensures the cleaning process can be done simply by closing the inlet and pressing a button. Also, a cost-efficient, improved LONGOPAC® dust bag attachment system in combination with a long filter lifetime delivers a low cost of ownership. 

“New filter technology enables higher productivity through reduced downtime and all five models in this new range comply with the latest HEPA standards for heavy-duty dust extractor usage. They are also equipped with EN1822 certified HEPA 13 filters. At the same time, the machines offer compact design and smart features such as e-flow technology, improved HMI for easy on-site troubleshooting, fast hose connection, an integrated inlet cap and a smart dust cap that helps reduce exposure to dust," said Christofer Swahn, global product manager. 

Lightweight yet robust construction, ease of maneuverability and lockable wheels make moving between sites and floors simpler and safer with less strain on the operator – and it’s this focus on improving working conditions for the operator that is a key characteristic of the new range. The new range includes two battery-powered models (PACE and i-series) that offer the same features as corded models with the extra convenience of cordless operation.

As well as making them quick to set up and start using, no power grid connection is required, optimizing working time and versatility. Together with a comprehensive series of accessories and Husqvarna Fleet Services™ including geo-location info, predictive maintenance and wireless updates, Swahn believes that the all-round benefits of the range represent true business value.    

He added: "Versatility is something our construction professionals appreciate. These machines are ideal for multiple applications, which reflects user demands perfectly. They also understand the difference a high quality, ergonomically superior dust extractor can make to their working day." 

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