Billy Goat introduces updated, zero-turn, stand-on blowers

Bill Goat stand on blower
Billy Goat

Billy Goat has unveiled its upgraded Hurricane Z3001 and Hurricane X3001 Zero Turn Stand-On Blowers. These blowers now feature a new Side Fill Gas Tank with Fuel Gauge, designed to improve efficiency and simplify fueling operations for professional maintenance contractors, landscapers, and various other industries.

The inclusion of the Easy Side Fill Fuel Tank marks a significant enhancement to the Billy Goat Hurricane Z3001 and Hurricane X3001 models. This feature significantly reduces spillage onto the unit, minimizing the opportunity for debris to enter the tank during refueling. The result is a hassle-free experience for operators, saving time and increasing overall productivity.

The Hurricane Z3001 boasts enhanced commercial cleanup power, making it an ideal choice for large-scale leaf and debris clean-up projects. Equipped with seamless operating controls, tri-directional blowing options, and zero-turn maneuverability, the Hurricane Z3001 ensures fatigue-free operation for busy operators. With its impressive 8500 CFM and a blower housing design that draws air from both sides, the Z3001 offers increased air velocity, allowing leaves and debris to be pushed farther and providing a faster finish.

The Hurricane X3001 is perfect for medium-sized maintenance contractors, landscapers, and other professionals in need of exceptional clean-up productivity. The X3001 model also features seamless operating controls, directional blowing options, robust blowing power, and zero-turn maneuverability. These features accelerate the clean-up process, enabling operators to complete more jobs in less time and with reduced fatigue.

"Introducing the new Side Fill Gas Tank with Fuel Gauge is a testament to Billy Goat's dedication to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction," said Brandon King, Product Manager at Billy Goat. "We understand the challenges faced by professionals in the field, and these upgrades aim to provide them with enhanced efficiency and convenience during their clean-up tasks."

Billy Goat's Hurricane Z3001 and X3001 Zero Turn Stand-On Blowers are now available for purchase through authorized dealers. For more information on these products and to find a dealer near you, please visit

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