Stand on or run by remote control – Volteq's new electric mini track loader

Volteq Sky 1000 battery-powered mini track loader

Volteq has designed its new Sky 1000 battery-powered mini track loader with enough power to compete with diesel versions and the added safety and convenience of remote-control operation.

The Sky 1000 is equipped with a 20.48kWh lithium-ion battery that provides up to 8 hours of operation on a single charge and 1,000 pounds of lifting capacity, the company says. The IP67-rated battery is resistant to water and dust ingress and is compatible with 110V and 220V outlets. Volteq says the battery has a 10- to 15-year lifespan with minimal maintenance requirements.

If safety is a concern or a better view is needed, the remote control system lets users operate the machine from up to 160 feet away. The standard controls can be detached from the machine to create a “mobile operator’s station.” Volteq says this feature provides operators with enhanced visibility for a clear line of sight to the work area and reduced exposure to dust and vibrations in certain applications like demolition.

Volteq Sky1000Remote Control OperationThe Sky 1000 comes with a 160-foot radius radio controller.VolteqBoth the machine and remote control have emergency stop buttons. The remote control monitors the operator's location to maintain a safe distance and prevent accidental collisions. A noise notice also alerts the operator and bystanders of the presence of the lower-noise machine.

The Sky 1000 is compatible with 15 Volteq attachments, including hammers, augers, trenchers, grapple buckets. Thanks to its Common Industry Interface or Bobcat mini skid steer attachment plate, attachments from other manufacturers can also be used.

To ensure stability on uneven terrain, the machine’s loader arms are equipped with self-leveling and float capabilities. Its modular construction simplifies repairs and component replacement, reducing maintenance efforts, the company says.

Standard telematics enhances security against theft by tracking the machine’s location and aids in maintenance management by providing error codes.

With its modular system and telematics, parts replacement and maintenance can be conducted much faster, with Volteq claiming the Sky 1000 can reduce operational costs by up to 70% over diesel equivalents.

“We are not here to replace the diesel machine, but we are here to fill in the gap in the market where there is a need for machines like the Sky 1000,” said Patrik Psenak, CEO of Volteq. “Our battery-powered solution offers numerous advantages, including quieter operation, enhanced safety with less vibration, and incredible cost savings on the total cost of ownership. The Sky 1000 is a testament to our commitment to delivering innovative and sustainable equipment solutions to meet the evolving needs of our customers.”

The Sky 1000 can be pre-ordered on Volteq’s website for $100. 

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