Firstgreen expands electric skid steer range with Elise 700

Elise 700 Electric Skid Steer
Firstgreen Industries

Firstgreen Industries has released a lighter version of its groundbreaking Elise 900 modular electric skid steer, the Elise 700.

The 7,716-pound machine has a rated load capacity of 1,543 pounds and a tipping load of 3,086 pounds. Its narrower wheels, lightweight design and lithium battery give it a balance of power and maneuverability for smaller jobsites.

[Watch: Firstgreen Claims 24-Hour Runtime with its Electric Skid Steers]

“When battery-operated drills were first introduced into the market, they faced skepticism. Now, cordless drills are the norm due to their convenience and efficiency. Similarly, while electric skid steers may be a relatively new concept, they will become mainstream as more people recognize their benefits,” says Ken Pederson, sales manager at Evolution Mechanical, an authorized Firstgreen distributor.

The Elise 700 is powered by a 3 x Best Motor electric engine, with a rated power of 3 x 10 kW, or 13.4 horsepower, and a maximum power of 3 x 27 kW, or 36.2 horsepower. Firstgreen says the lithium battery provides longer run times and faster recharging than traditional lead-acid batteries while producing zero emissions. Customers can choose from various battery setups to meet their maintenance and load capacity needs. The standard 96-volt battery has a 280 Ah capacity and can be fully charged in 5 hours. A fast-charge option is available.

“The Elise 700 offers many advantages of being safe, quiet, and cost-effective. “Their ability to operate safely indoors, thanks to their zero-emission. This feature alone opens up a whole new range of possibilities for indoor construction or renovation projects,” said Pederson. “It’s incredibly quiet during operation, making communicating on the job site easy. You can easily converse with the operator without shouting over a traditional diesel engine.”

Four travel speeds and four hydraulic speeds give the operator precise control and performance for specific tasks. It can travel at a minimum speed of 0.09 mph and a maximum speed of 9.32 mph.

Standard features include a rearview camera system, front and rear work lights, a windshield wiper with sprayer and a quick coupler. Optional features include heat and air conditioning, GPS, and an Apple- or Android-compatible control app. A variety of accessories are available to take on tasks from earthmoving to mowing to snow blowing.

“In terms of cost-effectiveness, electric skid steers are a smart business choice for those looking to save money in the long term. They eliminate the need for many components in electric skid steers, which means less maintenance and fewer repair costs. Such as hoses, fuel and filters can save you upwards of $8,000 per year,” said Pederson.

Quick Specs

  • Load capacity: 1,543 lb
  • Tipping load: 3,086 lb
  • Total weight: 7,716 lb
  • Overall width: 67"
  • Battery type: Lithium
  • Usage type: In-cabin / Remote
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