Western reveals three new product lines


Western Products, a manufacturer of snow and ice control equipment, revealed three new product lines: the WESTERN PRO-PLOW 3 Straight Blade Snowplow, the PILE DRIVER XL Hydraulic Wing Pusher Plow with TRACE Edge Technology, and the MARAUDER Poly Hopper Spreader at the 2024 SIMA Snow & Ice Symposium in Pittsburgh.

The PRO-PLOW 3 Snowplow is a professional-grade straight blade with a 70-degree attack angle that’s simple to operate and easy to maintain. It comes equipped with a high-carbon steel cutting edge to reduce wear and extend the life of the blade. Featuring the WESTERN POWER BAR for structural reinforcement, it offers the choice between an ULTRAFINISH powder coat surface or stainless steel option—the first ever stainless steel straight blade offered by Western Products.

The PILE DRIVER XL Hydraulic-Wing Pusher Plow is available in 8', 10', 12', 14', and 16' widths, and features hydraulic, independent 3' wings that provide 180-degree variable wing placement. With such versatility, this pusher plow can scoop and stack snow, and maneuver curbs and wide-open spaces alike. The independent 2' sections of the cutting edge and the 3' wing sections raise, oscillate, and trip to adjust to surface contours and obstacles, ensuring consistent plowing performance and productivity. This maximizes the scraping performance of the plow, reducing the amount of salt needed for post-treatment.

The MARAUDER Poly Hopper Spreader is professional-grade and available in 1.5 and 2.2 cu yd capacities with the option of either a pintle chain delivery system for thick, heavy deicing materials, or the all-new HELIXX™ shaftless auger for precise rock salt application. Made with durable, corrosion-resistant polyethylene, it features an extended-chute design to deliver smooth material flow with minimal leakage. The Tri-Shield Pre-wet and Direct Liquid Application System accessory can be added to spread, pre-wet, or spray all with one tool.

“Adding pre-wetting and direct application capabilities with Tri-Shield increases your versatility,” said Seth Bergerud, CSP, Parts & Accessories Product Manager for Western Products. “It allows any contractor to add brine and other deicing liquids to their granular capabilities, so they can optimize material usage and deliver superior service in any conditions.”

For additional details about this new equipment, visit www.westernplows.com or contact your local authorized WESTERN dealer.

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