Taking Snow by Storm

Updated Feb 20, 2013

The latest plows, blades, blowers, sprayers and spreaders are the match for whatever winter sends your way.

By Allyson Angle

Throw more snow

Grasshopper’s Little Bully Dozer Blades move dirt, sand, gravel and snow, dislodging stubborn ice from sidewalks, drives and parking lots. The multipurpose dozer blades are available in 48- and 60-inch widths and are adjustable to allow operation straight ahead or 25 degrees left or right. Control-lever permits preset height adjustment while a quick-response foot control allows intermittent height adjustment.


Pickup V-box Spreader

Avalanche’s electric V-box spreader is built for pickup and flatbed trucks. Available in stainless steel and painted carbon steel, every unit comes standard with a high-performance in-cab speed control and a vibrator motor. A variable speed control manages both motors from inside the cab and provides a spread pattern up to 25 feet wide. Models have an approximate capacity of 2 cubic yards, and are available in 6-foot and 8-foot sizes.


Snow blade attachments

Terex’s snow blades for compact track loaders come in three different models to match the blade to the width of your machine. The blades include four compression trip springs and a reversible and replaceable bolt-on cutting edge. Blade ends can oscillate up to four degrees up or down and ride on adjustable cast skid shoes. The blades quickly and easily attach to the loader’s quick-attach interface.


Clamp-on snow blades

Earth & Turf Products’ three clamp-on snow blades for compact tractors feature a manual angle 30 degrees left or right, full blade spring trip, and bolt-on reversible cutting edges. Designed for compact tractors under 35 horsepower and available in a 60-inch or 72-inch high blade, the SC series is 19.5 inches wide. Made for tractors 35 horsepower and higher, the S series is 90 inches wide and 26 inches high.


Front-mounted 72-inch snowblower

Bobcat now offers a front-mounted snowblower with a 72-inch cutting width for its compact tractor models CT225 to CT450. Features include quarter-inch-thick steel endplates, a half-inch-thick replaceable steel cutting edge, a 20-inch-diameter six-blade fan with adjustable opening, a 24-inch-tall snow intake, and 230 degrees of chute rotation. The snowblower has two quick-release pins so the snow blower can be attached to or removed from the tractor in minutes.


Automatic brine system

The ABS-800 converts dry rock salt to liquid form for pre-wetting or anti-icing roadways. The pump can be controlled by a float switch or manually, and runs off of 115 volts. It transfers liquid from the make tank to the storage tank, and then to the truck-mounted tanks; it can also re-circulate liquid through the make tank. Brine concentration is established by batch process or by final adjustment in storage tank.


Snow blower moves snow drifts up to 45 feet

Paladin Construction Group’s FFC snow blower turns a skid steer into a mini snowplowing machine for small to medium snow removal jobs. This two-stage hydraulic blower is available in both standard and high-flow models that range between 4 and 8 feet wide, with shroud openings of 25 or 36 inches.





Wirelessly controlled spreaders

The SR-110 and SR-210 utility spreaders from SnowEx attach to a variety of vehicles, including pickups, SUVs, cars, utility vehicles and ATVs. These compact units are equipped with wireless controls and feature a 3-cubic-foot capacity hopper. An electric motor drives the spreaders; the dual 12-volt electric drive/maximum torque transmission system is sealed within a weather-resistant enclosure. The SR-210 spreads up to a 25-foot range and the SR-110 spreads material up to a 20-foot range.


Speed up snow removal

The C-Plow from Hiniker Company combines the functions of conventional plowing and back drag plowing systems into a single innovative design. Available in 8-feet and 9-feet widths, the C-Plow is operated as a conventional plow in the forward plowing mode. It features a high clearance split trip-edge, and each half of the trip-edge works independently of the other, reducing stress on the plow in forward mode.


Salt Tracker

Evaluate salt spreading applications with SnowEx’s V-Maxx Salt-Traxx. Plug it into the existing controller and start recording important data, like the amount of salt used and time spent on each job. The information can then be uploaded to a computer as a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel.


Ice control sprayers

Turbo Technologies’s line of ice control sprayers varies in size from 30 gallons for ATVs to 1600-gallon truck mounted units for electric pumps or gasoline-powered engines and pumps. Remote-operated booms as well as mutli-nozzle turret booms are available options for the ice control sprayers. Units can be equipped with spray guns for sidewalk and step applications.


Full-fize, full-featured

WESTERN’s HTS snowplow is a full-size, full-featured snowplow designed specifically for the lighter half-ton 4WD pickup truck. The HTS features a hydraulic scrape lock, simplified UltraMount system and NIGHTHAWK halogen headlamps. It handles both personal and light commercial applications, providing rugged, pro-like performance without the extra weight.


No batteries, no problem

EarthWay’s S25 Spray-PRO Push sprayer is designed for spraying ice control products, pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. It can be used on lawns, driveways, paths or any area. The sprayer features a 6.6-gallon tank, interchangeable nozzles and adjustable spray width. The S25 operates at walking speed, doesn’t use batteries and pushes no harder than a small spreader.


The Attachments Idea Book
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