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Updated Feb 19, 2013

The newest products, from a solidly built sod roller to better ways to repel pests, large and small.

Climb to new,steady heights

Pruning or thinning trees can be difficult because of tricky terrain and the need to access limbs that are not parallel to the ground. Instead of putting yourself in danger or laboriously adjusting the ladder for each task, use Strathmore Ladder’s Orchard Ladder, which has a flared base and pole forming a tripod to provide more stability. The flare from top to bottom rails of the ladder averages 2 1/4-inches per foot. Built with heat-treated, structural grade aluminum, the ladder features 3-inch-wide steps for worker comfort and reinforced lower steps for added strength. Other features include 3/16-inch-thick tabs where the pole attaches to the ladder, 5/16-inch Grade 5 steel bolts attaching the pole to the top tabs, a shoulder pad for carrying the ladder and double reinforced bottoms to add life to common wear areas. Strathmore Ladder is located in the heart of California’s citrus belt and began in the 1920s as a manufacturer of wood tripod and citrus ladders. (Thanks to TLC Landscaper of the Year, John Cullen, for suggesting this product.)




Stay warm without the bulk of extra layers with Ergodyne’s N-Ferno 6900 warming vest with NobleTek insulation. The warming system uses flexible, breathable chambers filled with Argon gas – which is a non-toxic, 100-percent eco-friendly gas. The vest’s inflation port is inside the chest pocket, and a relief valve controls warmth.







The Liquid Fence’s granular deer and rabbit repellent protects low-growing plants from damage. Apply this biodegradable repellent on flowerbeds, vegetable gardens, ground cover and lawns. Plants will also benefit from its diatomaceous earth-based formula.






Danver Stainless Steel Cabinetry, an outdoor kitchen manufacturer, introduced a perimeter insect control system that helps eliminate all insects, including mosquitoes, spiders, flies and gnats, from outdoor living areas. The system automatically sprays two to three fine mists of botanical insecticide a day through nozzles installed around the backyard’s perimeter. To avoid killing harmless insects, schedule the mist during the morning or late evening when they are less likely to be out.






Larson Electronics’ Magnalight WAL-PFL-4LED-120-10 portable LED floodlight system works efficiently in wet areas and is durable enough to withstand rigorous handling. This system contains four, 24-Watt T8 LED tubes and is available in color temperatures of 4,300K or 6,000K with a coloring rendering index of 76.




Ridgid’s 3,000- and 3,300-psi professional grade power washers feature Idle-Down, which automatically idles the Subaru chain-driven engine when you release the trigger handle. This feature conserves fuel and reduces noise and emissions, while saving wear and tear on the washer.







Kesmac Brouwer’s Model 2442 large roll RollMate installs up to 42-inch sod rolls. It features automatic start, hydro-static drive, an 11-horsepower engine and fingertip forward and reverse controls.


The Attachments Idea Book
Landscapers use a variety of attachments for doing everything from snow removal to jobsite cleanup, and regardless of how often they are used, every landscaper has a favorite attachment.
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