Aerators & Spreaders

Updated Feb 19, 2013

From zero-turn spreaders and sprayers to lockable spill tank lids, these are the newest aerators and spreaders for landscapers.

By Jennifer M. Holloway

Zero-turn product line

LT Rich Products’ zero-turn spreader/sprayer line includes the Z-Max, with a 50-gallon liquid capacity and 300-pound granular capacity, while the Junior 36 offers 18 gallons and 200 pounds, respectively. The line of Z-Plug aerators and attachments help operators eliminate the intensive labor associated with aerating.



Electric riding with no emissions

The Turf Tracker Arc from C & S Turf Care Equipment is an all-electric, riding zero-turn spreader/sprayer. No gas or oil equals no emissions, with the added benefit of quiet operation. The machine’s low-maintenance design allows operators to spread and spray an acre of turf in 10 minutes, and it lasts all day on a single charge.



Increase overall drive

The Earth & Turf Model 220 MultiSpread pull-type topdresser spreader replaces the Model 200. A ground-drive unit, the 220 takes power from both wheels to increase overall drive efficiency and reduce chances of tire slippage. It spreads a variety of materials including topdressing, infield mix, chips and salt-sand mixtures.



Non-stop aeration

Classen’s TA-17D and TA-25D self-propelled split-drive aerators can steer, turn and aerate an entire job without removing the tines from the ground. This is due to dual controls on the main handle for steering around corners and obstacles and all-tine propulsion, where every tine is used to propel the aerator in forward and reverse.



Towable aerator

The Ryan LA-36 tow-behind aerator is effective on medium-sized turf from 1 to 5 acres. Towed by a riding mower, the aerator offers a choice of manual, hydraulic or electric lift. Specs include an aerating width of 36 inches and depth of up to 4 inches with 48 tines total (eight per wheel).



Fold, go

Billy Goat’s AE401H aerator slimed down by eliminating the center wheel and drum and excluding steel weights in favor of a water weight positioned directly over the tines. With the “Lift and Lock” disengagement, operators can aerate without taking their hands off of the handle when making passes. To transport or store, use the Fold N Go handles.



Aerate clay soil

The Mantis lawn aerator attachment for the company’s tiller/cultivator cuts row after row of aerating slits, opening the soil for more effective penetration of air, moisture and nutrients. The attachment uses four sets of tempered steel “knives” to permit easy absorption.



Lock lid, prevent spills

The Gravely Stadium 80 sprayer has an 80-gallon, low-profile tank designed for maximum visibility. A lockable spill tank lid with anti-siphon fill and low center of gravity help prevent chemical spills. It also features a spray gun, 25-foot hose and a 10-foot, three-way folding boom with electric on and off controls.



Relieve compaction without prior irrigation

Grasshopper’s PTO-drive Aera-vator is available in 40- and 60-inch models to relieve compaction and aerate turf without prior irrigation, leaving no cores. Models are available with 50 percent more tines to loosen the soil with minimal surface disruption so turf can be used immediately after treatment.



Running on drive chains

Turfco’s TurnAer XT5 is a steerable and reversible aerator that pairs a hydrostatic drive system and tine-wheel design for better operation on hills. The XT5 runs on drive chains that are covered and located outside of the frame, rather than belts. Other features include EasyChange tines, fingertip controls, unibody steel frame and the ability to fit through 36-inch gates.



Stainless steel construction

Ground Logic’s line of ride-on spreading and spraying equipment features Honda engines and 100-percent stainless steel construction. Spreading capacities range from 120 to 220 pounds, and spraying capacities range from 12 to 16 gallons. The spray rate can be adjusted from 1/4 to 1/2 gallon per thousand square feet.



Apply granular evenly

EarthWay’s C24HDS broadcast spreader comes with the Ev-N-Spred Pro – a rustproof, dual-port adjustable shut-off system with variable throwing port settings and a heavy-duty, twin-tube chassis with a 250-pound load bearing capacity and three-position height adjustable handle.




Mechanical functions are within reach

Ecolawn’s self-propelled topdresser works to topdress newly seeded areas and spread materials such as natural fertilizers, granular lime, sand, pelletized products and crumb rubber. All of the mechanical functions, such as propulsion, clutch and calibration of the adjustable feeding hopper, are within the operator’s reach.





Core, slice, fracture turf

The Ventrac EB480 aerator is designed for the Ventrac 3000 and 4000 series tractors. Configurable to suit the operator’s needs, the aerator can core, slice or fracture turf. Tines are replaced individually or by changing the mounting heads. Choose from three models: core tine, open spoon tine or slitter/slicer tine.




Pull loose plugs of soil

The JRCO Hooker aerator offers zero-turn maneuverability, and unique tine rotors use the forward force of the mower to make six holes per square foot, up to 3-inches deep. The 38-inch wide Hooker pulls loose plugs of soil, eliminating messy hard cores and soil compaction. It aerates 1 1/2 acres per hour at 5 mph.




Aerate, seed

The Aera-vator from First Products is available in 40-, 60- and 80-inch widths, with or without a seedbox attachment. Solid vibrating tines loosen and break up hard, compacted soils with no cores or plugs. A seedbox attachment allows for overseeding and primary seeding with the same machine.

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