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Updated Feb 19, 2013

From mats that keep you on track to a better way to sharpen tools, check out these new products to use on your next project.

Reduce Equipment’s Footprint

Your clients want to see the finished project, not the mess and damage equipment can leave along the way. To protect the landscape when moving and operating equipment – as well as reduce safety issues caused by poor ground conditions – consider EarthSafe’s SureTrak and TuffTrak access mats.

SureTrak mats bear loads up to 175,000 pounds, yet weigh a mere 79 pounds, and are made from 12-millimeter, high-density polyethylene. TuffTrak mats can handle loads up to 300,000 pounds and are manufactured from recycled high-density or UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight) polyethylene. They use a “drop-in” bolt connection system for installation. Visit earthsafeaccess.com for more information.


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Underhill’s Sapien two-wire controller operates up to 63 irrigation stations. The wires run from the controller to decoder/receivers in each valve, and the decoders respond to “on-off” commands from the controller. Sapien works in applications such as irrigation systems suited for a multi-wire conversion or two-wire expansion. It does not require special wiring or field grounding.

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Oly-Ola Edgings’ pre-cut staking slots for their 100-foot Super-Edg landscaping edging rolls are cut into the edging every 2 feet. This close proximity in slots gives you more options and flexibility to decide where to place stakes depending on specific project needs. Oly-Ola provides 25 stakes and two connectors in this roll package.

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The Land Pride FM21 series flail mowers are ideal for cutting grass near schools and other recreational areas where people may be present. It features a Âľ- to 4-inch cutting height, duck-foot type knives and a two-position hitch for offsetting the mower, which enables closer cutting along buildings, fences or roadsides.

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Combat ethanol-related problems in your portable gas-powered equipment with VP Racing’s Small Engine Fuel (SEF). Containing no ethanol, SEF gives equipment quick starts, even after being idle for months. It is available in three versions – a specially formulated gas for four-cycle engines and two versions pre-mixed with oil for two-cycle applications.

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DMT’s single- and double-sided diafold sharpeners restore and maintain a keen edge on garden tools. The sharpeners are constructed of precisely sized micron monocrystalline diamonds and are completely portable and self-contained. They can sharpen pruners, loppers, axes, shears, scissors, clippers, knives, scrapers and lawnmower blades.

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Vast’s composite detail pavers can be used for curves and other paver patterns in walkways, building entryways, courtyards, terraces and patios. These wedge-shaped, half-size pavers are accessory pieces that complement 4-by-8-inch Vast composite landscape and permeable pavers, as well as 16-by-16-inch Vast installation grids.

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The Attachments Idea Book
Landscapers use a variety of attachments for doing everything from snow removal to jobsite cleanup, and regardless of how often they are used, every landscaper has a favorite attachment.
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