Hardscaping Products to Help Projects

Updated Feb 28, 2013

Reduce impervious footprint 

Designed for residential driveways, Pine Hall Brick’s StormPave red permeable clay pavers can reduce your clients’ impervious surface footprint to meet local stormwater requirements and open the way for a larger house footprint. These pavers are also available in the full range color.



A clean slate

Clean concrete surfaces with Techniseal’s HD Paver Preparator. The formula is efficient for heavy-duty works, since it is formulated to dissolve tough efflorescence (whitish salt) and remove ground-in dirt on pavers, slabs and retaining walls made of concrete. It works deeply without discoloring or damaging the material, brightening up colors, cleaning evenly and enabling sealants to penetrate the surface.



Rustic charm

Keystone Country Manor combines the appearance of rustic, hand-laid stonewalls with the strength of Keystone’s modular, pin-connection technology. Pins help ensure every Country Manor project is strong and secure, and the three unit sizes help create a random appearance and allow for construction of more than just retaining walls. Made of high strength concrete, Country Manor can also be used for mailbox columns, planters, outdoor fireplaces and benches.


Landscape accessory that rocks

Boulder Designs are functional boulders made from solid, reinforced, specially enhanced concrete that can beautify a landscape. Boulder Designs trains you on its simple system to create custom boulders that can be used for name or address rocks, memorials, business signage, ranches, schools, parks or subdivisions. Its products are earth-friendly and often allowed by local zoning regulations.

Prebuilt outdoor living

Stone Age Manufacturing’s prebuilt series combines the performance of its modular systems with real brick finishes. The line features fireplaces, pizza ovens, kitchen islands, fire pit kits and American-made grills and appliances. The series comes in preassembled and prefinished packages.



Give curb a shape-up

With more than 20 curb-shape attachments, Tygar’s Bengal curb machine can create edging like narrow, natural-looking Belgium Stone borders. With this system, you can start with a smaller package and add components, such as new stamp patterns, as you grow your business. Tygar holds demos in Atlanta, Georgia, and select locations around the country for interested contractors.


The Attachments Idea Book
Landscapers use a variety of attachments for doing everything from snow removal to jobsite cleanup, and regardless of how often they are used, every landscaper has a favorite attachment.
Attachments Idea Book Cover