Product Report: Bobcat S330

Updated May 31, 2012

For landscapers looking for a powerful skid-steer loader with a hefty operating capacity, Bobcat is offering the S330, the largest skid steer in their product line. Targeted at the green industry, the S330 has an 85-horsepower liquid-cooled diesel engine and a 3,300-pound rated operating capacity. The skid-steer loader also has a vertical lift path and a 10-foot 10-inch lift height.

The S330 has 300 pounds more lifting capability than the S300 – Bobcat’s next largest skid-steer loader. The company is banking on the size difference to attract customers who have been asking for a bigger, heavier machine. But size alone isn’t the only thing new about the S330, says Mike Fitzgerald, loader product specialist, for Bobcat “We’ve added a larger engine with increased displacement and horsepower, which means an increase in pushing power and drive torque when digging,” he says. The bigger engine also better supports the machine’s hydraulic horsepower, resulting in enhanced operation from high-flow attachments. Even with the boost in horsepower and an increase in weight, the S330 is less than 74 inches wide. At 142.9 inches long with a standard bucket, the S330 is comparable in length to the S250 and S300.

The S330 comes equipped with a new cooling system that increases the loader’s cooling capacity by 30 percent, thanks to a variable speed fan that rotates at full speed only when required. The cooling system improves performance in extreme operating conditions such as heavy digging, in high ambient temperatures or on high-elevation jobsites, Fitzgerald says.

The skid-steer loader features a hydraulic system monitor with automatic engine shutdown, an operating sensing system to assist in service troubleshooting and a transversely mounted engine for easy maintenance. A two-speed travel system offers a 6.9-mph normal speed and a 12-mph high travel speed. Fingertip auxiliary hydraulic controls are standard, and operators can quickly switch between attachments using the Bob-Tach Mounting System, also standard on the S330. TLC

Quick specs
Rated operating capacity: 3,300 lbs.
Tipping load: 6,720 lbs.
Lift height to bucket pin: 10 ft. 10 in.
Lift arm path: Vertical
Operating weight: 9,185 lbs.
Engine: Tier II compliant 85 hp turbo diesel

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