Bonus Roundup: Software & Technology

ArborGold offers database for laptops, hand-held devices
Tree Management Systems’ ArborGold is software for customer and job management of lawn care, tree care and landscape construction companies. From an initial phone call to payment receipt, ArborGold keeps track of all proposals, scheduling and invoicing for each customer. Features include a visual appointment and work scheduler, a landscape CAD designer, one-click mapping to MapPoint and easy set up for QuickBooks users.

Tally Systems announces QuickMeasure OnScreen
QuickMeasure OnScreen is a software application that aids landscapers in generating takeoffs from blueprints downloaded from the Internet or distributed on CD. It allows an estimator to measure directly from the digital image rather than having to reproduce the drawings on paper. The estimator can click around an object on the digital image using the mouse. Count, length and area totals are calculated in seconds instead of hours.

About Time mobile time clock provides accuracy, easy data transfer
The About Time Pro mobile time clock system uses a Palm Tungsten E2 encased in a weatherproof, construction-grade case to collect data on jobsites and transfer the information back to the office. Multiple employees may clock in on the same clock, so only one time clock is necessary for each jobsite or crew. The clock’s software enables office managers to set up cost codes, jobs and manage the time and attendance tracking of mobile employees.

CREWtek boosts power of pocket PCs
Include’s CREWtek handheld software for pocket PCs tracks time and materials which can be sent from the field to the office by synching with a laptop or with WiFi connectivity. CREWtek automates field data collection and works with Asset Schedule Manager to provide paperless work orders to crews in the field. Each crew and its members can see their tasks and related job information, including budgeted time and materials.

RealGreen Systems offers comprehensive business tools
RealGreen’s Lawn and Pest Assistant II software features an integrated contact management system, mapping, routing and scheduling systems and handheld GPS capability. RGS Direct Mail service can print, fold and mail your statements and marketing materials. RGS can provide a criteria-based list to help you get in touch with the best client prospects in your area.

Onset’s new plug-and-play soil moisture sensors
Onset’s new soil moisture smart sensors provide accurate measurements of volumetric water content in soil and integrate Decagon ECH20 dielectric probes for precise, long-term soil moisture monitoring. Key features include low sensitivity to temperature and saline effects, a compact form factor for easy installation and the smart sensor design which allows them to be plugged into and automatically recognized in HOBO weather stations and micro stations.

JobClock System eliminates handwritten timecards
The JobClock System from Exaktime is an all-weather, battery-powered time clock that remains at each jobsite. Workers touch in and out with ID key tabs on their key rings. Attendance is collected with a PDA and transferred to TimeSummit software. Supervisors can now send records back to the office from the field using

Nemetschek North America announces update for VectorWorks
VectorWorks version 12.5.1 is a maintenance update for VectorWorks Designer, VectorWorks Landmark, Vectorworks Spotlight, VectorWorks Machine Design and RenderWorks, VectorWorks Architect and VectorWorks Fundamentals. The new version contains updates that improve the program’s stability, particularly when opening and saving files over a Macintosh network. Memory and stacked layers have been improved as well.

Teletrac announces automated navigation system
Teletrac’s FleetDirector Turn-By-Turn vehicle routing and navigation system provides speed-calibrated, real-time, turn-by-turn, verbal directions to guide drivers to their destinations. As an integrated component of FleetDirector’s eClient fleet management software, TBT allows dispatchers to select vehicles, assign destinations and download driving directions with minimal effort.

Alocet releases QXpress 7.0
Alocet, manufacturer of QXpress scheduling software for QuickBooks users, has released version 7.0. The new version features more than 30 new components including enhancements to contact management and job costing, as well as an improved interface. The release also includes an updated version of QX Mobile for Windows Mobile Pocket PCs. QXpress can be taken into the field to track start times, stop times, materials used, look up customer information and sync wirelessly with the office.

Handheld software makes paper tickets optional
Evergreen Mobile Handheld software allows landscapers to clock in and out, capture customers’ signatures, add additional services, add to chemical usage and view account information including service records, chemical history, payment status and any account notes. These efficiencies will decrease data entry responsibilities and the chance for translation errors because there are no handwritten notes.

Horticopia Professional is more than a plant reference
In addition to a 34,000-picture database, including 14,300 ornamental plants complete with data, botanical pronunciation and extensive search capabilities, Horticopia Professional allows landscapers to add their own plants, data and pictures. Pictures and related information can be e-mailed, printed in a variety of formats and copied for use in other applications.

Business management software suited for any size company
Wintac Green is all-in-one business management software for the landscaping and lawn care industry. Suitable for any size company, the software integrates customer relationship management, estimating, job costing, job scheduling, service dispatching, routing, automatic billing, purchasing, inventory, accounting, payroll, marketing and mobile computing in one program. Wintac Green is available in both single- and multi-user network editions and comes with an interactive tutorial.

The Attachments Idea Book
Landscapers use a variety of attachments for doing everything from snow removal to jobsite cleanup, and regardless of how often they are used, every landscaper has a favorite attachment.
Attachments Idea Book Cover