Roundup: Software – September 2008

Tracking system for mobile employees
TimeScape from Modeco Systems tracks jobs, time, tasks and material throughout the day, providing comprehensive reports for managing and growing your business. New options include: crew scanning, crew budget reports, GPS options and asset and inventory management.

Six functions offer design flexibility
PRO Landscape from Drafix is a design suite including realistic photo imaging, 3-D photo rendering, easy-to-use CAD, 3-D CAD rendering, night and holiday lighting and complete customer proposals. These functions can help landscape contractors, designers and architects save valuable time, generate plans that are easy for customers to read, and sell more jobs.

Save money with maintenance tracking program
MowerMeter tracks equipment maintenance and repairs by allowing you to enter all of your equipment specs and select a maintenance schedule. Schedules can be set up by time, hours of use, mileage or other increments. It also enables you to print work orders as well as track inventory and costs in one easy-to-use software application.

Exaktime announces JobClock.Net
JobClock.Net brings added convenience and savings to users of the JobClock system who have jobsites located far from the main office. The attendance records can now be securely transferred through the Internet via a PDA. Data transmission is secure, and JobClock.Net maintains a backup of all records in its server.

John Deere unveils system for remote machine monitoring
John Deere and QUALCOMM have developed JDLink, a machine monitoring and information delivery system that can be ordered on select John Deere equipment. JDLink automatically collects, transmits and manages information about where and how equipment is being used, as well as critical machine health data for increased productivity and revenue.

Software practical for all landscape services
Alocet’s QXpress is a scheduling, job costing and invoicing add-on to QuickBooks for landscapers. Use the marketing tools to create renewal letters, and keep track of notes, reminders and alerts with the contact manager. QXpress also allows you to choose the landscaping services you provide and will automatically implement the applicable settings.

Earthscapes is a comprehensive technical design tool
Earthscapes design program enables landscapers to import images of a home, design landscaping to go with it and present the finished version to customers. This Visual Impact Imaging program features more than 5,000 high-resolution images, professional imaging tools and user-friendly techniques. The program functions on the Corel DESIGNER platform and includes photo imaging, site plan design, estimation and plant selection capabilities.

CLIPxe features PDA compatibility
CLIPxe gives you the ability to route, schedule and estimate job costs of your projects and the option to bill through QuickBooks. A main feature is CLIP2Go is designed for Windows Mobile devices and offers mapping capability to track crews and give directions. CLIP2Go is available in English and Spanish.

Spend time growing your business
With features for scheduling, routing, billing, customer account maintenance, job estimating and tracking business expenses, Adkad Technologies’ Groundskeeper Pro makes bookkeeping easier and adds a professional touch to landscaping companies. Groundskeeper Pro can also hold up to 10,000 customers and print or e-mail invoices.

Plant library at your fingertips
Horticopia’s Professional Version V horticultural reference allows users to add new plants, pictures and data directly from the Internet. This Internet library’s information is integrated into the user’s own Horticopia plant collection. The libraries will contain 50 to 150 new plants, pictures and data, giving landscapers the power to present this information to customers.

Idea Spectrum unveils new software
Realtime Landscaping Pro 3, manufactured by Idea spectrum, is a new landscape design program that helps landscapers visualize even the most challenging projects. Design capabilities include gardens, decks, fencing and water features. Using the new 3D walk-through feature, you can present your customers with a realistic view of their finished landscape. Photo-based design is also supported.

GPS tracking for landscapers
“Live” GPS systems generally have an unnecessary monthly fee landscapers seek to avoid. TMI offers a no fee system that transmits data to your computer wirelessly as trucks enter the yard. Reports can be viewed on any computer with Internet capability.

Wintac Green 2009 released
Intac International’s Wintac Green 2009 version combines several programs into one integrated system including: customer information, field service documentation, contacts, vehicle management and complete accounting. It is available in single- and multi-user network configurations.

Collect payments on the jobsite
Mi Business Systems by JM Software is billed as the ultimate mobile point of service system. It includes appointments and services, tracks inventory and processes credit card transactions using a mobile card reader and printer. The system is compatible with Windows Mobile devices.

VectorWorks offers all-in-one program
VectorWorks Landmark is powerful, easy-to-learn software to help you create, visualize, detail and communicate your designs. Automatic plant tracking and plant lists count plants for you, and patios and walkways are easy to create with the hardscape tools. Create presentations that look hand-drawn in seconds with Landmark’s sketch technology.

The Attachments Idea Book
Landscapers use a variety of attachments for doing everything from snow removal to jobsite cleanup, and regardless of how often they are used, every landscaper has a favorite attachment.
Attachments Idea Book Cover